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ERP-ONE distribution software contains functionality designed to increase user productivity company-wide. From Financial Management and Sales to Inventory, Warehousing, and more, enjoy a Role-specific overview of the ERP-ONE software suite.

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ERP-ONE Distribution Software Functionality Highlights

Order Management

Effective sales order management in ERP-ONE distribution software relies upon the instant availability of all relevant information (like customer status, inventory availability, and item pricing) to streamline the ordering process while reducing costly manual errors.

Inventory & Warehouse

Proper Inventory and Warehouse Management is the cornerstone of a distributor’s success. Reclaim trust in your inventory accuracy and know what’s in your warehouse(s), where items are located, and when they need to be replenished. ERP-ONE helps keep your orders flowing and your customers happy.

Financial Management

Financial Management software includes the features necessary to manage income, expenses, and physical assets. ERP-ONE’s General Ledger system helps maintain accurate financial information in order to deliver insights needed to prevent errors, support management decisions, and maximize profits.

Distributor E-Commerce

For distributors and wholesalers looking to expand sales opportunities through a user-friendly online storefront, Distribution One presents ecommONE. A complete E-Commerce interface, ecommONE integrates directly with ERP-ONE distribution software to support fast order processing, display live inventory availability and pricing, view open and backorder items, and much more.


Controlling how and when sales will close and keeping a firm hold on your sales pipeline are crucial for business growth. ERP-ONE supports your sales team in the office or remote by making it easier for your representatives to manage relationships and review activities with customers and prospect accounts.


Intelligent purchasing relies on accurate, real-time data. Special customer requests, suggested inventory replenishment, and inventory linking are fundamental aspects of purchasing activities within ERP-ONE. Interconnected data and on-demand reports help take the guesswork out of procurement.

Colorado Industrial Packaging

“ERP-ONE tracks product costs and sales margins for us… that benefit alone has added 4% to our bottom line after the first year of implementation and has more than paid for the cost of ERP-ONE.”

Colorado Industrial Packaging

Empire Bolt & Screw

“Out of the gate, our first cost savings occurred in accounting. What was previously a full-time job went down to just 2 hours a day. This change alone saved us $40,000 in year-over-year labor costs.”

Empire Bolt & Screw

Patlin Inc.

“Distribution One has allowed us to deliver 30% more orders without having to increase our labor force.”

Patlin Inc.


“I’m excited about the future. We processed hundreds of orders in the first week and project our webstore will be handling over 10,000 orders per year.”


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