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End 2018 with A Software Tax Deduction

section 179
Would your business like to save money this year?
There’s still time left!

With 2019 on the horizon, it’s easy to become so distracted by year-end processing and the coming holiday season that you overlook the fact that there’s still ways to increase your 2018 bottom line.

If you make ERP software and equipment purchases before December 31st, the Section 179 Deduction is designed to help put money in your pocket.

How does it work? The Section 179 Deduction allows businesses to expense or deduct purchases for eligible machinery, equipment, and software in the year of purchase. By opting to not use the deduction, companies have to amortize the write-off over the useful life of the purchased asset. However, using the Section 179 Deduction decreases your Federal Income Tax for 2018, saving your business money now!

How much money? It depends on what you claim, but the deduction limit stands at $1,000,000. So, under the Section 179 Deduction, companies can claim software investments made this year! But you only have until December 31, 2018.

If you act now, you can lock in Cloud-based ERP-ONE+ distribution software with Dashboard+ Data AnalyticsWireless Warehouse+Mobile Applications, and supplemental Amazon integration for 2019. Saving money and improved productivity–it’s a win-win!

Have questions? Visit the official Section 179 website and talk with your accountant or tax professional. Distribution One is also here to help! Contact us today at to take full advantage of the tax deduction benefit on your ERP-ONE+ investment. Remember, this benefit ends on December 31st.

“ERP-ONE tracks product costs and sales margins for us… that benefit alone has added 4% to our bottom line after the first year of implementation and has more than paid for the cost of ERP-ONE.”
— Vice President, Colorado Industrial Packaging
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