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Reach New Customers on Amazon in 2019

Amazon Distribution One integrationReach New Customers on Amazon

For distributors who sell or plan to sell on Amazon in 2019, having a software system in place to process orders quickly is crucial. An integrated solution eliminates the need for manual data entry between systems and allows distributors to sync important data including: orders, inventory, shipping updates, and more.

To support distributor success, Distribution One’s ERP-ONE+ provides a powerful, direct sales channel into Amazon’s Seller Central. Through this new supplemental connectivity, customers can successfully expand the scope of their product visibility and online selling within a streamlined order process.

About the Amazon integration, Larry Ward, President of Distribution One, explains, “We actively investigate new methods for expanding our software’s functionality for the benefit of our customers. With this supplemental integration, our ERP-ONE and ERP-ONE+ customers have the ability to easily maximize their selling opportunities across Amazon’s vast customer network.”


Featured Success Story

On Time Supply, a leading distributor in the wholesale hardware industry, carries high quality tools and a wide range of specialty fasteners. They rely on the supplementary integration between Distribution One’s comprehensive ERP-ONE software and Amazon for accurate online inventory management and fast order processing.

Integrating ERP-ONE with Amazon provides auto-processing of orders as well as inventory auto-adjustments. In fact, the connectivity between Amazon and ERP-ONE has saved On Time Supply up to 2 hours of order processing time savings every day. When viewed on a monthly scale, this equates to a full week of productivity savings.

Another key component of On Time Supply’s success has been its ability to maintain accurate inventory levels between its storefront and Amazon. If a drill is purchased from the physical storefront, the adjusted information transfers from ERP-ONE to Amazon to ensure the correct product amounts are displayed.  “Within the first six months, orders have increased to 55 per day. By the end of year, we expect to double our daily order processing.” — VP of Sales, On Time Supply


Make Amazon Work for You

Amazon’s Seller Central can be a powerful resource for wholesale distributors,” adds Mr. Ward. “We are excited to offer our customers the opportunity to leverage Amazon’s advantage to increase their own sales growth.”

Click here to read the full On Time Supply success story. For more information on how Distribution One can help you reach new customers on Amazon with ERP-ONE+ integration or to request an ERP-ONE+ software demonstration, contact us at


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