Cloud ERP is growing. In fact, based on a 2016 Report on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems and Enterprise Software by Panorama Consulting Solutions, Cloud ERP deployments have risen from 11% to 27% since 2015 (based on 215 study respondents). Why? Distributors are doing the research and are understanding the verifiable benefits that come with Cloud ERP.


What are the 4 Main Benefits of Cloud ERP?


Cloud ERP Savings

Of the deployment methods, Cloud ERP provides the fastest path to implementation and avoids the need to fund physical on-site servers and in-house IT support teams. How significant is that? In the aforementioned report, 56% of respondents deploying Cloud technology reported implementation cost savings of at least 20%. Companies experience additional benefits by having the option of paying a fixed monthly management fee instead of the large upfront capital outlay required for On-Premise deployment. Moreover, lower monthly ERP costs allow companies to allocate finances toward physical expansion, growing the workforce, or any other key company initiative.

Cloud ERP Security

Security is the number one concern of many companies researching Cloud ERP, and most are surprised to learn that Cloud security can meet and exceed other methods of deployment, even On-Premise. Utilizing security best practices including backups and updates, Distribution One’s Private Secure Cloud Services cutting edge data centers are hosted and maintained by experienced technicians who continually test and improve systems to eliminate vulnerabilities to keep your data safe.

Cloud ERP Accessibility

Data is a wholesale distributor’s single most important asset. Every business function depends on quickly accessing relevant, accurate data. Distribution One’s Private Secure Cloud Services provide universal access to connect to your ERP-ONE+ software anywhere at any time. With native 64-bit architecture, ERP-ONE+ delivers increased processing speeds through the availability of more data being stored in memory.

Cloud ERP Scalability

Another big advantage of Cloud ERP involves its capacity for easy scalability. Unlike other deployment methods, there’s no need to purchase extra servers to handle expansion. Instead, your ERP-ONE+ software stands ready to scale with you—simply increase the number of user licenses as needed.

In addition to scalability, ERP-ONE+ provides third-party integrations to broaden functionality. Companies can easily connect with Amazon and leading shippers (like FedEx and UPS) for logistics and tracking with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), and have the options of supplementary API (Application Program Interface) services, Mobile Apps, hosted e-Commerce solutions, and enhanced Business Intelligence Dashboards.


Cloud ERP is fast becoming the norm for providers of ERP software for the wholesale distribution industry. Choosing the correct Cloud ERP provider is crucial to ensuring that deadlines are met, goals are achieved, and the software exceeds expectations. Distribution One’s Enhanced Cloud ERP is the complete, affordable, secure solution for today’s business leaders who need to get more done with fewer resources. To discover more about Cloud enhanced ERP-ONE+, contact us at or sign up for a software demonstration to see the power of ERP software in action.