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Goals without Guesswork: Amazon, Dashboards, and Cloud

What are the 3 biggest distributor goals? Enhancing productivity, expanding sales, and controlling costs. Did you know that Distribution One provides wholesale and distribution software solutions to help?

Distribution One brings a proactive approach to investigating and identifying new technologies and methodologies for extending our ERP software’s functionality to benefit our customers. Three of our newest ERP-ONE+ wholesale and distribution software functionality enhancements provide greater choices in reducing costs, forecasting analysis, and expanding sales on Amazon.

Reduce Costs with Cloud-enhanced ERP
With the release of Cloud-enhanced ERP-ONE+ software, Distribution One now offers the easiest, most reliable, and most-cost-effective Cloud solution for maximizing business applications in wholesale distribution. Through a strategic partnership with ISCorp to deliver hosted solutions in the Cloud, distributors can avoid the costs of hosting on-site servers and IT support teams while retaining data accessibility. Learn how Cloud-enhanced ERP can benefit your business.

Build Forecasts with Distributor Analytics
Distribution companies rely on their data to guide daily operations and direct future decisions. With MITS Distributor Analytics for ERP-ONE+, companies address the reporting and dashboard analytics needs of most roles and types of users across a distribution business. Distributor Analytics simplifies and streamlines access to data within ERP-ONE+, providing timely, actionable insights built on a trusted single source of data. Discover the advantage of Distributor Analytics.

Expand Sales with Amazon Connectivity
Little needs to be said about the power of Amazon. With ERP-ONE+ connectivity to Seller Central, wholesalers and distributors can successfully expand the scope of their product visibility and enjoy a streamlined and automated order and inventory process. Read the press release about this valuable integration.


For 20 years, the Distribution One team has continued to work with wholesalers and distributors like yours to make their business processes better. We partner with every customer to share ideas and implement best practices toward lasting productivity and profitability. So you can put away the Magic 8 Ball®—we don’t leave anything to chance.

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Every single customer has unlocked transformational improvements using Distribution One’s ERP-ONE software solution. Now it’s your turn!


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