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ERP distribution software is the catalyst triggering a chain of positive company-wide improvements. Of the numerous ERP goals and objectives achievable through ERP-ONE+ software implementation, productivity and profitability are chief among them.

“I have not encountered a better system than ERP-ONE. The efficiencies and expandability has allowed us to improve our sales by $500,000 per employee in a year.”

—Chief Operating Officer, VLC Distribution

How important is Productivity?

In distribution, productivity can make or break your ability to compete. ERP technology provides the resources needed to identify and fix operational inefficiencies like paper ordering, manual counts, and decentralized spreadsheet data. Eliminating these obstacles to success through technology synchronizes teams and streamlines productivity to minimize both costs and fulfillment times.

For wholesalers and distributors, comprehensive ERP software from Distribution One delivers all the features necessary for driving transformational improvements via interconnected applications, wireless warehouse, e-commerce, shipping, Amazon integration, distributor dashboards, and an innovative suite of mobile apps. As a whole, these software tools drive the operational improvements companies need to compete and grow.

“ERP-ONE tracks product costs and sales margins for us… that benefit alone has added 4% to our bottom line after the first year of implementation and has more than paid for the cost of ERP-ONE.”
—Vice President, Colorado Industrial Packaging

How important is Profitability?

ROI is one of the biggest considerations of enterprise resource planning investment. While individual departments and teams embrace the benefits and cost reductions of data access and streamlined productivity, the management team views the wider picture via measurable savings and the rate of ERP ROI.

ERP software generates measurable results through user productivity and data accuracy which relate directly to quantifiable time and cost savings. These, in turn, enable companies to provide greater competitive pricing with shorter turnaround. Being a comprehensive distribution software solution, ERP-ONE+ creates a faster path to ROI and sustainable growth.

What is the typical ROI time frame?

Within weeks of the ERP software go-live, customers begin realizing measurable ROI through multiple sources like employee productivity, inventory and warehouse cost reductions, and business forecasting. On average, 90% of Distribution One customers experience significant ROI within 2-3 years of implementing the software solution. 

What are your goals?

As you consider the best option for your company, we welcome you to discover more about our comprehensive ERP-ONE+ software for distributors and our established record of helping distributors excel. We know you have questions, and we look forward to providing answers that will deliver true benefits within your company.

Ask yourself, “What goals do I want to achieve?” and contact us at Distribution One to help you reach those business goals.


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