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Using Amazon Reduces Manual Entry & Expands Sales

Amazon integration for distributors reduces manual entry

“Is it easy to sell my products on Amazon’s global network?”
“Can Amazon selling be automated to reduce manual user data entry and errors?”
“Will my inventory be accurately reflected on Amazon?”

Utilizing ERP-ONE+ with the supplemental Amazon integration, the answers are “Yes, yes, and yes!

Benefit: Reduce Manual User Entry
To sell on Amazon, having a software system in place to process orders quickly is crucial. Supplemental Amazon connectivity with ERP-ONE+ actually reduces the need for manual data entry between systems. Orders and inventory data flow seamlessly between your software and Amazon providing both faster turnaround and enhanced order accuracy. Synced data options include orders, acknowledgments, inventory, pricing, shipping updates, and more.

Benefit: Synchronize Inventory
When it comes to your inventory, Amazon demands accuracy and does not tolerate order cancellation rates over 2.5% due to out of stock items. ERP-ONE+ precisely manages your real-time inventory levels and reconciles changes to stock due to local storefront sales. The flow of accurate information between ERP-ONE+ and Amazon ensures the availability of salable items keeping both Amazon and your customers happy.

Benefit: Expand Sales Opportunities
Distributors can utilize Amazon’s infrastructure to expand sales opportunities. Through Amazon connectivity, Distribution One customers can successfully expand the scope of their product visibility and online selling within a streamlined order process. Built to serve distributors of any size, Amazon integration offers 3 service tiers (STARTER, PRO, or ULTRA) which are based on monthly order volumes.

These answers scratch just the surface of the benefits and options for expanding distributor sales into Amazon. Contact us at to discuss your distribution sales goals and to learn about ERP-ONE+ distribution software.


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