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Are you paying for ERP Software Updates?

Are the costs of software upgrades forcibly turning your current ERP solution into a legacy system? What was the last amount you paid for ERP software updates? If your answer is anything above FREE, you’re paying too much.

Many legacy software vendors unnecessarily charge an oppressive fee—sometimes as much as the original software investment—just to receive yearly ERP software updates. In fact, this high cost of annual updates works to discourage some distributors from upgrading their systems leaving them with what is essentially an outdated legacy system.

For wholesale distributors, a better option exists. At Distribution One, we cultivate ongoing partnerships with every customer. Our comprehensive ERP-ONE+ software suite is built out of 20 years of experience and customer success. Quarterly software updates are included with our service fee. We also offer a skilled US-based support team eager to help.

If you’re ready to experience a proven solution that eliminates yearly cash-bleeding updates, Distribution One stands ready to serve you. To start a conversation, call 856.380.0629, email, or sign up for a demonstration at


Every single customer has unlocked transformational improvements using Distribution One’s ERP-ONE software solution. Now it’s your turn!


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