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Building the Case for ERP – Key 3 of 5

It’s time to get excited! Do you remember building a holiday wish list when you were younger? Well, Key 3 is for you!

Key 3 of our Building the Business Case for ERP: 5 Keys to ERP is perhaps the most exciting phase of smart ERP investment as you will begin envisioning how and where software will improve your company. Having already Described the Challenges (ERP Key 1) and Documented the Operational Flow (ERP Key 2), you can finally begin your Assessment of the Benefits, Costs, and Risks.

In this step, you will develop your wish list of necessary and supplemental software functionality as it relates to (and improves upon) your business operations. For each of the items you list, explain the benefit that each feature will deliver to your company. Using this list, you can then begin evaluating the related costs (for calculating ROI) as well as the considerations of new software to employees, customers, and your products. Careful assessment will help you avoid any lumps of coal in your ERP investment.

As you build your wish list, remember to investigate the Benefits of Cloud ERP before discovering the final 2 Keys to ERP!


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