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ERP Business Software Common Questions

Researching business software options can seem like a daunting process, and you may have what seems like a thousand questions relating to ERP. We chose three of the most common and answered them here:

“How long should ERP software implementation take?”

Average software implementation time based on number of users:

The more users an organization has, the more time an organization should allow for implementation. Why? A larger user count typically necessitates more training, data, and specialized process requirements.


“What percentage of a company’s employees use business software?”

Software users as a percentage of total number of employees:


“Which deployment option is preferred by companies?” 

Deployment preferences in distribution and wholesale industry:

The current business trend finds more companies actively seeking Cloud ERP software than the traditional On-Premise ERP. The strong Cloud preference for wholesale distributors, in particular, reflects the demand for a real-time, integrated, comprehensive system.


Comparing Apples to Apples: Companies comparing software providers should be certain they are evaluating software vendors on a level playing field including “fixed cost” proposal for: Software Licenses, Training, Data Import, Consulting, Installation, Supplementary Modules/Integrations, Customer Modifications, and Annual/Monthly support and maintenance fees.

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