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Businesses Small and Large – ERP Will Transform Your Operation

Dr. Ichak Adizes' Corporate Lifecycle

It’s National Small Business Week. That means we focus on getting our cup of coffee at the hip, independent cafe in town, throwing back a pint from a local craft brewer, and purchasing a brand new car manufactured by Maw-n-Paw’s Auto Company.

Okay, not every industry lends itself to micro-sized entrants. Capitalism, by its very nature, often requires…well, capital. You rarely see bootstrapped startups jumping into the deep-sea mining industry. Most operations – in whatever market they pursue – begin in shallower waters.

There’s a classic business textbook called Corporate Lifecycles (1988), and it describes the various phases of a company’s life. From its beginning (Courtship and Infancy) to its growth phases (Go-Go, Adolescence and Prime), to periods of bloated stagnation (Aristocracy and Bureaucracy), to the ultimate fate – yep – Death.

It’s a business school staple, and for good reason. Understanding where your business resides on this lifecycle curve can help establish the road map – exposing both the fledgling roots from which you’ve come, and the perils and potentials of where you’re going.

We deal with companies that fall into numerous categories – usually between Go-Go and Bureaucracy. It’s interesting to note that the various stages are not necessarily associated with the age of the company. Some startups hit their Aristocracy far too soon; and some heavy-hitter corporations retain their Prime many decades on.

And although we don’t typically drop this verbiage into our sales meetings, we can’t help but evaluate how our ERP software solutions are going to impact a company’s operations with an eye towards this graph. Will it accelerate a distributor in the Adolescence phase toward their Prime, helping them stave off the “Premature Aging”? Or will it let the business reverse course, from the Stable-Early Bureaucracy segment, back toward Prime-Stable?

ERP software really has the power to do exactly that.

By aggregating all the business functions that wholesalers and distributors plod through every day into a single, all-encompassing application, suddenly the decision-makers are viewing their day-to-day operations in a new light.

Our turnover is that slow?

We’re pricing our items based on last cost, not average cost?

It takes that long for our prices to adjust after our cost from the manufacturer goes up?

Prior to implementing a full-suite software system – one that touches on all the main functions – mission-critical decisions just can’t be objectively weighed with optimal ability. Assumptions fly around. Instinct and experience gets overburdened, when data and hard intel should be employed.

Regardless of their size, regardless of their industry, putting businesses back on track – back in their Prime – is what Distribution One has been doing for eighteen years. Our flagship offering – ERP-ONE – is built not based on where you fall on the corporate lifecycle curve, but rather where you should fall – operating efficiently, pushing for continuous improvement, and always being armed with the right data at the right time.

That goes for the small business who wants to be big, or the big business who’s ready for prime time.


Every single customer has unlocked transformational improvements using Distribution One’s ERP-ONE software solution. Now it’s your turn!


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