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Cloud ERP Deployment

Cloud ERP is fast becoming the norm for providers of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software for the wholesale distribution industry. In fact, a study by Allied Market Research forecast that the Cloud-based ERP market will grow to 40% of overall ERP market share by 2020.

What’s the driver behind such sudden growth? Cloud ERP deployment is being propelled by companies that understand the benefits of technology and the need for convenience, security, and reliability. To ensure these crucial expectations are met, it’s important to choose an experienced Cloud ERP partner like Distribution One.

With Distribution One’s private secure Cloud services, customers receive the convenience of universal access meaning that they can connect with their ERP-ONE+ business software anytime, anywhere. Our Cloud ERP provides the powerful capabilities of our software without the responsibilities of handling software updates, backups, security, disaster recovery, or hardware.

Delivering optimized performance with 99.95% uptime, our Cloud ERP provides the data access and reliability companies require to manage their operations. All business data is securely maintained within an enterprise-class environment that utilizes the industry’s latest security best practices.

Distribution One’s Cloud ERP is the complete, affordable, secure solution for today’s business leaders who need to get more done with fewer resources. To discover more about ERP-ONE+ for the Cloud, contact us at or sign up for a software demonstration to see the power of ERP in action.



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