Distribution One is turning 25! Here is a teaser from our feature article in Distributor’s Link Magazine.

Remarkable things can happen in 25 years. In 1996, Amazon was just a young dotcom bookstore while students at Stanford were developing a new search algorithm named “BackRub” (guess what that became). That same year, an innovative distribution software company launched that was guided by a clear, focused mission: provide distributors with a feature-rich ERP software solution that increases interconnectivity and reclaims efficiency through the automation of core procedures.

That company is Distribution One, and this year it proudly celebrates its 25th anniversary!

Driven by those founding principles, President Larry Ward and CEO Dean Christianson successfully shepherded Distribution One’s steady growth through technology advancements, relationship building, industry forecasting, and acquisitions.

“25 years is an incredible milestone for us,” explains Larry. “Since inception, we have never deviated from our core vision of helping our customers be more efficient versions of themselves.”

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