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Dashboard+: What is Your Data Telling You?


Your data is speaking. Are you listening?

As distributors, you want to be able to quickly tell where you are and where you’re going. Analytic distribution dashboards provide crucial insight into current business health based on actual performance data.

Integrated into ERP-ONE+, Dashboard+ provides the ability to quickly identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are most significant to individual users. Auto-loading at startup, Dashboard+ presents color-coded status alerts signifying areas requiring immediate attention as well as system-defined alerts encompassing all system practices. Tasks are generated from ERP-ONE+ calendar events and are user-specific. Users also have the ability to send alerts to each other via internal system mail messages.

Used for comparing fixed values, period trends, and more, the user-defined KPIs can be applied to specific users or utilized system-wide when no user ID is defined. Featured charts clearly display trends on assets, liabilities, sales, and cost. Interactive KPI metrics, based upon ERP-ONE+ business data, can be modified easily with the click of a mouse. Dashboard+ allows users to quickly drill down into related in-depth information to identify issues as well as opportunities.

Currently, Dashboard+ provides multiple role-based dashboard options including Management, Customer, Vendor, and Salesrep views.

Management View
Review real-time financial performance; browse a list of upcoming CRM activities; scan the latest alerts; view a graphical presentation of open sales orders, backorders, and purchase orders; and generate today’s sales invoiced as well as bookings presented in both dollar value and number of orders.


Salesrep View
Examine year over year sales performance while understanding how items purchased by a customer ranks against last year’s results. Graphs also display current Monthly Order Gross and Cost Rolling.


Dashboard+ is an excellent tool for reviewing company health and identifying past due payments and slow moving products. Contact us to help you better understand how this ERP-ONE+ application can better inform your decision making through ERP data analytics.


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