What’s Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

June 21, 2019

How far do you go to avoid business disruption? Because downtime means lost revenue, companies considering ERP distribution software must make data security and disaster recovery (DR) planning top priorities.

However, as reported too frequently in the news, no company is truly immune from potential disasters. Target, Home Depot, Grainger, and others have suffered very public data breaches and cyberattacks in the past 5 years. The impact of malware, phishing emails, and ransomware attacks will cause significant disruption to a company’s data access and order processing activities if unprotected. Outside of malevolent technology issues, DR is also crucial for resuming critical business systems after a fire, hurricane, flood, etc.


“What happens when it happens to me?”

All it takes is an accidental double-click in a phishing email to be infected. The ransomware immediately begins encrypting key system programs and data files throughout the user’s computer. As the malware swiftly cripples the user’s system, it presents them with a screen demanding payment to remove the malicious encryption. Furthermore, ransomware on a networked computer can also move across the physical network into the main server and even spread to other computers causing cascading company-wide systems failures.

With your system stuck on forced lockdown, the only options are to pay the blackmailers for the encryption key or reinstall your system from the most recent backup. Obviously, prevention planning is vital to how quickly you can return to normal business operations.

In addition to actively maintaining updated virus security, On-Premise ERP customers should run total data backups daily with that information being stored on portable drives at offsite locations like the IT managers house or other secure facility. This methodology is good at guarding against cyber threats, but physical disasters impacting larger areas can negate this type of preparation.

Cloud disaster recovery, on the other hand, operates with the Cloud provider handling all of the DR backups and multi-locational archiving in different states. And with business data conveniently stored in the Cloud, customers will have their systems restored much more quickly than with On-Premise plans.


“What is my DR plan?”

Do you currently have a DR plan in place? If so, when was the last time it was reviewed or updated? If you don’t have a DR plan, what’s holding you back? Keep in mind that there’s really no good excuse for risking the health of your company and the security of your data.

For On-Premise deployment, backups are more of a manual process but still less of a burden when compared to losing days or weeks to rebuilding lost sales data. Conversely, the easiest method for disaster recovery is to utilize Cloud services. Cloud DR eliminates the manual process inherent in On-Prem processes.


“How can I be more secure?”

With Cloud ERP-ONE+ software from Distribution One, the Cloud vendor is responsible for handling the security and DR of your company. In fact, Cloud ERP-ONE+ customers are doubly protected. First, Distribution One creates a nightly backup of the database stored on our server. Second, depending on the customer’s preferences, the Cloud provider can also capture more frequent snapshots of the virtual server throughout the day.

Utilizing security best practices including backups and updates, Cloud ERP-ONE+ operates from cutting edge data centers maintained by experienced technicians who continually test and improve systems to eliminate vulnerabilities to keep your data safe.

Distribution One understands that the goal of disaster recovery is to prioritize business continuation with as little downtime as possible. With Cloud ERP-ONE+ software, the goal of data security is easily achievable for every distributor and wholesaler.

We look forward to helping you keep your data safe in the Cloud. Contact us at info@distone.com to improve your own disaster recovery planning.

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