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E-Commerce for Distributors

Buying preferences have changed. Most product research, price comparison, and purchases are conducted on the web. Establishing an online sales presence is a necessity for modern distributors in order to challenge Amazon and other competitors with existing distribution E-Commerce solutions.

To support your online selling, Distribution One offers ecommONE integrations for our On-Premise and Cloud ERP-ONE+ distribution software. Through ecommONE, distributors and wholesalers can expand product visibility via a fully responsive E-commerce website and user information portals.

Serving the needs of distributors of every size, Distribution One provides 3 portal sales packages in addition to Vendor and Customer portal options. Intuitive menus and product search functionality further smooth user navigation. Being fully responsive, the ecommONE website extends sales functionality to both desktop and mobile devices. Functionality like credit card payments and shipping rate comparisons is available in higher tier portal options with the addition of supplemental integrations.

In addition to ecommONE, ERP-ONE+ also offers supplemental Amazon connectivity to expand the scope of your online product visibility utilizing a streamlined order process. This integrated solution eliminates the need for manual data entry between systems and allows distributors to sync important data including: orders, inventory, shipping updates, and more.

From sales, financial management, and purchasing to CRM, dashboards, and reporting, Cloud and On-Premise ERP-ONE+ delivers the interconnected applications needed to reduce costs and improve fulfillment times. From search to purchase, your customers expect a hassle-free E-Commerce experience. Distribution One provides the tools to strengthen customer relationships. Request an ERP-ONE+ software demonstration for a personal tour of the solution or contact us at with your questions on how distribution E-Commerce can increase your selling potential.


Every single customer has unlocked transformational improvements using Distribution One’s ERP-ONE software solution. Now it’s your turn!


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