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ecommONE Ecommerce Interface for Distributors

ecommONE ecommerce

If you’re not set up to sell online correctly, you’re making your competitors happy.

Amazon has spent years shaping user expectations of modern online selling through their website. From this, B2B customers now expect the same B2C user experience and convenience when ordering online from their distributors. As a result, distributors need to implement a solution that not only establishes themselves and their products but also provides the functionality needed for successful online selling. Certainly, the numbers prove the growing power of Ecommerce.

By 2023, US B2B Ecommerce sales will reach $1.8 trillion and account for 17% of all B2B sales in the U.S.1

For distributors and wholesalers looking to expand sales opportunities through a user-friendly online storefront, Distribution One presents ecommONE. A complete Ecommerce interface, ecommONE communicates directly with ERP-ONE+ distribution software to place orders, check inventory availability and pricing, view open and back order items, and more.

Serving the needs of distributors of every size, Distribution One provides 3 portal sales packages in addition to Vendor and Customer portal options. Intuitive menus and product search functionality further smooth user navigation. Being fully responsive, the ecommONE website extends sales functionality to both desktop and mobile devices. Functionality like credit card payments and shipping rate comparisons is available in higher tier portal options with the addition of supplemental integrations. Lastly, ecommONE also includes hosting as part of the monthly service plan.

The ecommONE interface is an excellent tool for distributors looking to both establish and expand their online sales presence. Contact us today to discover ERP-ONE+ and learn how to expand your online sales potential.

1) Forrester research, The B2B eCommerce Playbook for 2019


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