One of the first questions asked by distributors and wholesalers investigating ERP business software is usually “How long until we go live?” Answering this requires an understanding of all the necessary steps leading up to a successful launch. Together, these steps are referred to as the ERP Implementation Process.

What is Distribution One’s Implementation Process?

To ensure that the Go-Live goes smoothly, Distribution One has developed a thorough, proven ERP Implementation Process during which time we work side-by-side with new customers to ensure every aspect of distribution software implementation is addressed, planned, and initiated in the correct manner. The Distribution One team of implementation professionals prides themselves on creating a collaborative work environment and making the conversion to ERP-ONE+ as easy and stress free as possible. The following provides an overview of our meticulous approach.


Assigning PMs

From the start, Project Managers (PM) will be designated for both Distribution One and the new customer. The customer PM will be the point person in charge of assigning resources, communication, and organizing tasks like training and Go-Live preparation. The PM should also have some degree of decision-making authority to ensure discovery and planning run smoothly. To gain a greater understanding of the role of a PM, read 4 Main Benefits of a Dedicated Project Manager.


Roundtable Discussions

The purpose of roundtables are to give a high-level view of what the project entails in its entirety. For these meetings, all key personnel should be present as well as the contracted IT group handling hardware set. Topics discussed include scheduling, complete process overview, customer expectations, as well as any requested customizations.



Comprised of ongoing sessions, these discussions are a critical part of the implementation process as it enables an easier transition into a training that is meaningful to your company based on the individual business model and management goals. Time will be spent uncovering current operational processes, reviewing basic system options and security, discussing business needs, exploring training expectations.



Once the IT consultant confirms the setup of the customer server, the Distribution One Implementation Team will schedule installation of ERP-ONE+ software. The Installation Technician will be happy to speak with the new customer’s IT consultant to ensure the correct hardware and software decisions and configurations are made. After installation, the Distribution One Data Team will work with the PM to begin finalizing initial data conversion.



User training is critical to a successful Go-Live. Distribution One offers personalized hands-on training at the customer’s location that is tailored to fit their specific needs. Focus is placed on the basics of the system through hands-on sessions. Advanced sessions are designed to take learning to the next level of practical application. Obviously, ongoing practice is key to building employee confidence and knowledge within the new software.


Distribution One has honed our process by successfully helping hundreds of distributors and wholesalers successfully transition to ERP software. For questions relating to any of these steps or to inquire about implementation timeframes, please contact us at Now that you understand what the process entails, we welcome you to learn about the Best Time for ERP Software Implementation.