When is faster not always better?

  • Drinking hot coffee
  • Performing heart surgery
  • Implementing ERP business software

A short implementation window is the dream of every distributor considering ERP. Having spent months researching ERP software, who wouldn’t want to reach the goal line more quickly? After all, there’s no real difference in the outcome, right?

Learn to avoid the Fast and the Furious in ERP Implementation

Some software vendors currently offer an expedited strategy which features seemingly competitive pricing with the promise of an improbably short 30-day implementation window. Of course, such offers come with unstated caveats like reduced software functionality, restrictions on the number of users, or limited transfer of business data.

Most surprising are the revelations that actual implementation services, training, and support are each passed off to third-party organizations. Due to these considerations, distributors who expect fast implementation often end up furious in the weeks and months after Go-Live.

Putting a timeframe on ERP for the sake of a catchy marketing campaign undercuts its core purpose. ERP software implementation should be a careful, beneficial, transformative process that expands company-wide productivity, competitive advantage, and profitability. The implementation timeframe should only be set after a thorough planning process. Training, data migration, application functionality and integrations, support—everything should be meticulously discussed and planned so that the system functions correctly for your business from Day 1 to Day 1001 and beyond. Achieving this means selecting a proven partner with a track record of implementation success.

If you’re currently evaluating providers promoting condensed implementation windows, here are some helpful questions to ask: Regarding the fast implementation program…

  • Is there a limit to the number of users I can add without impacting the deadline?
  • Will this reduce program functionality?
  • Are there limitations on the amount of data I can migrate from my current system?
  • Is implementation handed off to a third-party provider?
  • Is training handled by a third-party provider?
  • Will support be administered by a third-party provider?
  • Is customer support located outside the United States?

If a provider answers “yes” to any of these questions, contact Distribution One. We will work with you to develop a schedule and strategic plan based upon what is best for your individual business. Our method of comprehensive ERP-ONE+ wholesale and distribution software implementation has delivered measurable success to our customers. From implementation, training, and US-based support, Distribution One will be your partner through every step of the process before and after Go-Live.

For 20 years, Distribution One has guided hundreds of distributors through to successful deployment of ERP. We recommend that for ERP to be done correctly, it should include planning, data transfer, full-functionality, and training for any number of users at a pace that ensures the company’s sustained long-term growth and enhanced productivity.

Expediting the implementation process may seem like a great idea, but for the short and long-term success of your company, isn’t it better to do it right from the start?