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ERP Scalability and Company Growth


“Does the ERP solution scale with business expansion?”

The answer will have a significant impact on how you research ERP and calculate ROI.

While the ERP selection process begins with identifying current needs, equal consideration must be given to how the company will grow months and years down the road. Why? Knowing how different ERP systems scale with growth determines if you will need to make additional investments to expand ERP functionality in the future.

If you are already researching ERP software solutions, you understand that core functionality is fairly consistent from one system to another: order entry, CRM, financial management, inventory control, warehouse management, purchasing, reporting, dashboards, etc. However, these ERP applications are organized into two separate offerings: à la carte systems and comprehensive solutions.


“À la carte or comprehensive ERP—what should I choose?”

Though à la carte may offer a lower initial investment, it’s important to remember that growth will demand expanded functionality which will incur additional costs and extend the ROI in order to obtain needed ERP applications. With an interconnected comprehensive solution, on the other hand, companies will already have access to a scalable solution that includes the needed applications even if they are not being used in the short term.

Keep in mind that ERP scalability is not the only ROI consideration. ERP technology covers a wide range of tools essential to distributor success: Amazon and e-commerce integrations, dashboard analytics, mobile app connectivity, Cloud deployment, etc. From expanding sales reach to reducing in-house server management costs, investment in these services have a direct impact on a company’s productivity. By carefully researching ERP software options with an eye focused on future scalability and functionality, companies can make smart investment decisions and avoid expensive surprises in the years to come.

With so much to consider, it is understandable to have questions. If you are looking for answers on applying ERP functionality to your business, please contact our team of experts. The experienced team at Distribution One is happy to be your resource as you research ERP distribution software.


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