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Get More Out of ERP-ONE+

get more out of erp software

Modern ERP software drives transformational change through distribution process optimizations. However, maximizing ERP investment requires a continual evaluation into other business areas in need of productivity improvements and cost reductions. No matter if it’s been six months or over 2 years, ERP software can and should be utilized to yield benefits far beyond the initial go-live. Here are 4 strategies to get even more out of your ERP-ONE+ software investment.


Time to Evaluate Unused ERP Features

At go-live, customers implemented their wishlist of process fixes that led to the biggest immediate gains within the company. Six months in, users should have streamlined their procedures in areas like order entry, financial management, and warehousing. To ensure that the investment made in ERP software provides ongoing dividends, customers need to identify new processes also requiring improvement.

VMI, wireless warehousing, kitting/assembly, mobile applications… there exist many programs that go untapped initially but stand ready to be implemented to expand services or further improve the accuracy and accessibility of your data.


Review Software Enhancements

The customer portal on contains documentation pertaining to all recent ERP-ONE+ enhancements. It lists which programs have been updated and details both the newest enhancements as well as any actions needed to enact certain functionality based upon your own process flows.

Unlike a legacy system, ERP-ONE+ is actively updated and evaluated for improvements. It remains the responsibility of every customer to assess their own procedures to see how new enhancements can best be utilized to deliver broader functionality and additional cost savings.


New and Ongoing Employee Training

In order to ensure ERP-ONE+ software provides ongoing improvements, employees must know about shortcuts to completing their tasks within the system as well as new key features. Distribution One offers ongoing training services to refresh users on individual programs and to showcase advanced options for experienced users who require a deeper dive into system functionality.

For new hires, training is crucial to be successful at their jobs. Distribution One’s professional trainers help smooth the onboarding process with a process-based, hands-on educational approach.


Supplemental Software Integrations Extend Distribution Functionality

With ERP-ONE+ software as a foundation, customers can implement supplemental integrations to further increase business functionality and profitability.

Supplemental sales integrations enable new selling opportunities through a mobile-responsive E-Commerce website, Credit Card Processing, Amazon connectivity, and mobile options for Order Entry and CRM that supply business data connectivity outside of the office. In the warehouse, options exist for shipping provider integrations, a wireless warehousing system, and mobile apps including VMI and Mobile Delivery.


We are here to help you get more out of your software investment. Contact us to learn more about how to expand functionality for your company.


Every single customer has unlocked transformational improvements using Distribution One’s ERP-ONE software solution. Now it’s your turn!


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