Bijal Patel, Distribution One’s eBusiness Manager is featured in an article from Industrial Supply Magazine on the topic of Building an E-Commerce Solution.

Article excerpt:

How well do you know your customers? E-commerce success depends upon how well you really know your customers. Distributors need to take the time to research customers’ expectations and needs. “They’re searching your webstore for a reason—provide them the tools and experience they need to fulfill their mission easily,” Patel says.

If you have an e-commerce solution already in place, take the time to learn why customers are visiting your webstore, the items they hope to find, information they expect to find (like live availability and pricing), and reasons they may be satisfied or frustrated with the experience. Your sales can also be an indicator of customer good experience.

“If customers are leaving full carts or spending a relatively short amount of time on the site, then investigate those root causes and fix them quickly. Review your analytics on how many repeat customers you have earned. Compare the buying experience you offer with a competitor or industry leader,” he says.

Customers have a core set of expectations when making a purchasing decision from your website. Your ability to gain their trust hinges on how well you know your customers and how your e-commerce serves them.

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