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For Fastener Distributors, effective sales order processing relies upon instant access into all relevant information like customer order status, inventory availability, individual customer pricing, etc. Deciding how to structure this process flow is entirely up to you.

ERP-ONE+ enables the ability of tailoring to individual user’s needs for picking tickets, packing slips, and more. Utilizing the speed of the 64-bit ERP-ONE+ system, you can search your inventory to give your customer instant information and quickly allocate stock for them.

Mobile Order Entry expands this sales functionality to everywhere you do business.

Due to the seamless interconnectivity of the applications within ERP-ONE+, data flows smoothly from the sales order to billing. ERP-ONE+ enables companies to customize billing requirements to meet specific needs. Accounting transactions are completely interfaced into the General Ledger system. Furthermore, multiple companies can be accommodated easily within the software.

Client-defined historical and trend reports will help you to better manage every dollar in and out. Included with dozens of custom financial reports like balance sheets and statements of cash flow, income statements can conveniently be compared against budget statements. In addition to fiscal year-end processing, ERP-ONE+ enables adjustments made to the prior year to be automatically carried into the balance sheet of your new fiscal year.

Controlling how and when sales will close and keeping a firm hold on your sales pipeline are keys to business growth. ERP-ONE+ supports your sales team by making it easier for them to contact and relate to your customers or prospects. One single screen can provide targeted sales information whereby allowing your staff to drill to the details they require. Don’t just provide the leads to your salespeople, provide them with the tools they need to close those leads with the ERP-ONE+ CRM solution.

For companies using another CRM package, Distribution One can make that deployment stronger by integrating activities, scheduling, contacts, prospects or customer and sales information directly from ERP-ONE+.

Distribution One also supports your sales team in the field with Mobile CRM which delivers on-demand customer sales data including Item Trends and Accounts Aging as well as graphical Sales Charts with customized views.

Inventory Visibility
Fixing impactors to cost and productivity starts in the warehouse. Without some type of software management system, few Fastener Distributors can say they completely trust their on-hand inventory levels. This uncertainty forces the need for manual inventory counts which slows turnaround times and adds unnecessary manpower costs.

Using comprehensive ERP-ONE+ software, distributors can finally rely on the accuracy of their data whereby eliminating hard dollar labor expenses. Sales and management can also review real-time inventory data to drive business deals, make key purchasing decisions, and minimize inventory expenses.

Correctly managing inventory enables easy identification of redundant items and slow inventory turns which drives additional cost savings.

VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)
Expedite the flow of data to keep orders in motion with Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). In ERP-ONE+, distributors can set replenishment levels in advance to avoid inventory outages. As soon as stock levels hit a minimum threshold, an order is processed avoiding the need for manual oversight and processing.

Warehouse Productivity
Warehouse+ assists with error-free inventory handling to help limit customer returns and inventory adjustments. Supporting wireless and wired barcode scanning, Warehouse+ enables accurate item counts and location management for simplified stocking and picking.

ERP-ONE+ also helps reduce wasted time and foot traffic in the warehouse. The Item Hits report displays the frequency with which items appear on Pick Lists. Moving these frequently picked items to bin locations near the shipping area will eliminate steps and save time. Because the Hit frequency changes over time, you can continually monitor which items belong in these prime picking locations. Warehouse efficiency can also be increased using Wave Picking which combines several orders into a single pick.

Secondary Processing
In instances where a product is sent out to a vendor for additional processing, ERP-ONE+ Secondary Processing handles the necessary tracking from shipment through return receipt from the vendor.

Quick identification and tracking are critical to resolving issues with individual products. ERP-ONE+ provides Lot Controls allowing users to pull inventory based on lot allocation for full traceability and shelf expiration dates. Lot Control identifies which customers purchased items from a specific lot in the instance of warranty issues or product recalls.

Kitting/Assembly Management functionality provides a cost-efficient way to assemble-to-order and assemble-to-stock products while reducing inventory and providing superior customer service. This functionality broadens product marketability and provides differentiation from competitors.
With ERP-ONE+’s Kitting/Assembly functionality, users can search inventory, provide instant information, and ensure kit components for any user at any time. Additional highlights include:

  • Tight integration with other modules/functionality
  • Build-on-demand and Pre-built kit selections
  • Define components (required or optional), description, substitutions, quantities, and options
  • Reporting

Being able to make correct strategic decisions quickly is a leading goal for every fastener distributor. Because successful forecasting relies on historical trends, sales data, buying patterns, and inventory levels, accurate data is fundamental for making quick, strategic decisions.

To be effective, all business operations must be interconnected and aligned with product demand. Having access to company-wide data enables the users to function as a cohesive team operating from one reliable source of information. A key tool is the fastener distribution dashboard.

ERP-ONE+ delivers role-based dashboards to provide customized insight for specific teams like salesrep, management, customer, and vendor. Dashboard+ analytics return a real-time snapshot of business health with graphical presentations of open orders, backorders, POs, and Aging and Payment Trends. Supplemental business intelligence analytics builds in-depth forecasting based upon your own accurate sales and item data.

Mobile App Suite
For Fastener Distributors, conducting jobsite sales meetings is a normal part of the job. To make the right decisions, the sales team requires access to current sales figures and customer data. Combining security and usability, ERP-ONE+ provides key data via Mobile CRM, Remote Order Entry, and mobile shipping functionality. Such mobility is key to expanding the scope of business activities.

Software Scalability
In addition, Fastener Distributors require software that scales operations to match demand. While a la carte vendors require the purchase of added applications to successfully scale, comprehensive ERP-ONE+ contains all the needed features needed to keep pace with company growth.

EDI Integrations
EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format between business partners. Common EDI integrations include E-Commerce functionality.

E-Commerce & Amazon—Sell your products to customers worldwide through a customized e-commerce storefront. Both you and your customers will enjoy the benefits of increased efficiency, secure credit card transactions using an encrypted connection, automatic inventory updates, account information online and much more. Orders are processed from your site automatically into ERP-ONE+.

Through the supplemental Amazon Seller Central connectivity, ERP-ONE+ customers can successfully expand the scope of their product visibility and online selling within a streamlined order process. Orders and inventory data flow seamlessly between ERP-ONE+ and Amazon providing both faster turnaround and enhanced order accuracy.

API Integrations
API (Application Program Interface) defines the way software and external programs interact and are necessary to ensuring that ERP application data is accessible to other programs. Common API integrations include Credit Card Processing, Shipping, and Business Intelligence Analytics.

Credit Card Processing—ERP-ONE+ supports a broad range of payment processing, so you can accept new payment types as your business expands. ERP-ONE+ Credit Card Processing supports various security features and provides reporting to match the exact dates of your merchant statement to greatly decrease reconciliation time.

Shipping—Supplementing warehouse productivity improvements, ERP-ONE+ provides direct integration with leading shipping providers FedEx and UPS. With FedEx Ship Manager Software, companies can manage shipping needs from within ERP-ONE+. Outside of these direct integrations, customers can opt to work directly with 3rd party integrators like Endicia (USPS), Logistyx, Clippership, and ConnectShip.

Customer Support & Training
Built on over 20 years of experience, Distribution One’s 98% fastener customer retention rate is among the highest in the industry. Why? Because we actively work to foster lasting relationships. We offer customers a friendly team of distribution professionals dedicated to live US-based customer support. In addition to phone support, we also include quarterly product enhancements with your maintenance service. We also share individual customer-requested enhancements to all customers to ensure that everyone can benefit from the latest distribution tools.

Distribution One provides ongoing training opportunities through our own D1 University. From onsite workshops to online webinars, these training sessions are designed for everyone from new employees to those users requiring specific knowledge of advanced software functionality. This is part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that our customers receive the maximum benefits from ERP-ONE+.


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