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ERP Software Integrations to Drive 2018 Success


Do you see that? There, on the horizon. It’s 2018!

With another year quickly coming to a close, we thought it would be a good time to review your productivity over the past year and identify areas in which comprehensive ERP-ONE+ business software can improve your productivity and profitability.


Mobile Apps expand business reach

Having a suite of connected mobile applications affords greater customer service and strategic insight into real-time operations. Our Mobile Apps provide on-the-spot order entry, delivery and signature capture, and even Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) functionality. With a suite of innovative Mobile Apps, distributors extend the ability to conduct business well outside of the physical office.


Amazon broadens sales opportunities

With connectivity to Seller Central, distributors can successfully expand the scope of their product visibility and enjoy a streamlined and automated order and inventory process. Through this supplemental ERP-ONE+ connectivity, distributors eliminate the need for manual data entry between systems and can sync important data including: orders, inventory availability, shipping updates, and more. Read more about Amazon integration.

Dashboard Analytics manage business health

Distribution companies rely on their data to guide daily operations and direct future decisions. With MITS Distributor Analytics for ERP-ONE+, companies address the reporting and analytics needs of most roles and types of users across a distribution business. Distributor Analytics simplifies and streamlines access to data within ERP-ONE+, providing timely, actionable insights built on a trusted single source of data. Discover the advantage of Distributor Analytics.


These features are but a few of the ways that ERP-ONE+ distribution software strengthens productivity and business reach. Understanding which features will deliver the biggest benefit to your business is the perfect point in which to start a conversation. Contact us today to sign up for a guided software demonstration or to ask questions about ERP software integrations to drive 2018 success.


Every single customer has unlocked transformational improvements using Distribution One’s ERP-ONE software solution. Now it’s your turn!


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