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Kitting/Assembly… Small Differences Drive Success!

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Summer is in full swing! Are you enjoying the warm weather? For you golf enthusiasts, we hope you’re getting a chance to take the clubs out and work on improving your golf skills. Did you know that the average score for 18-holes for the majority of golf enthusiasts is 100? Other surprising 2015 statistics from the National Golf Foundation include:

$12,030,465 = Earnings of the number one golfer in the world
$1,200,000 = Average money earned by a PGA member
4 strokes = Average stroke difference per round for PGA members

Think about that. Just 4 strokes per round means the difference between making the PGA average of $1,200,000 per year versus being the top money winner in the world. As in golf, small differences can have a big impact on a business’ success. This is especially true when it comes to Kitting/Assembly.

A lot of components can be sold separately, yet they sometimes have greater marketability as a part of a larger product. For instance, a distributor selling assembled ball-washing kits to a golf cart manufacturer saves that company the time and expense of assembling the kits themselves while also helping that distributor to differentiate its services from its competitors. Combining products into new Stock Keeping Units (SKU’s) can result in more sales and increased profits.

ERP-ONE‘s Kitting/Assembly Management functionality provides a cost-efficient way to assemble-to-order and assemble-to-stock products while reducing inventory and providing superior customer service. With ERP-ONE‘s Kitting/Assembly functionality, you can search inventory, provide instant information, and ensure kit components for any user at any time.

ERP-ONE Kitting/Assembly highlights include:

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