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5 Reasons to Upgrade Legacy ERP Software

Legacy System upgrade


“If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” may be a good general rule for cars or appliances, but this mindset certainly doesn’t apply to legacy software. Consider the irony of implementing software to address a distribution problem but then not keep that software up to date which, in turn, leads to more problems. Slow processing, out-of-date features, weak security: why settle for substandard software when your company’s success is on the line?

The main reason for implementing ERP software is for improvements like enhancing employee productivity, simplifying data access, reducing costs, etc. The goal is to keep moving forward, not take a step back. With that in mind, we’re exploring the 5 Reasons to Upgrade Legacy ERP Software.

Let’s first discuss Upgrade Reason #1: Expanded Deployment Options as they relate to benefiting your business and impacting ROI.

Curious about the other 4 reasons to upgrade legacy ERP software? To learn more, click here to read the complete white paper.



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