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Have you outgrown your homegrown distribution system?

Are spiral notebooks and spreadsheets cluttering your desk? This homegrown methodology may have been adequate a decade ago, but it is no longer efficient enough to manage distributor operations. Why? Today’s distributor faces constant pressures impacting the bottom line:

To best compete in this arena, today’s distributor must replace their pen and paper with interconnected software applications delivering fast access to accurate data and up to the minute company insights. As expected, profitability is not the result of any single change. Rather, it grows from constantly monitoring numerous aspects of your business and making incremental improvements.

ERP-ONE+ is integral to forging such company-wide change. To help distributors grow their profitability, ERP-ONE+ generates real-time alerts to indicate when a line item or an order is entered at a Gross Margin percentage that is below the acceptable limit. These alerts can be directed to the Sales Manager or Executive so that the order can be caught immediately and modified to an acceptable margin.

Automated Purchasing reduces the cost of ordering items for stock and buy-outs. The Purchase Order Suggested Buy feature in ERP-ONE+ identifies items needing attention and creates the corresponding PO in one click. Further, if there’s not enough suggested to meet vendor minimums, users can quickly pull in items near but not yet at the Order Point. Doing this not only meets the minimum order requirements using items most likely needed in the next week whereby eliminating a purchasing manager’s guesswork.

ERP-ONE+ also cuts down on wasted foot traffic in the warehouse. The Item Hits report displays the frequency with which items appear on Pick Lists. Moving these frequently picked items to bin locations near the shipping area will eliminate steps and save time. Because the Hit frequency changes over time, you can continually monitor which items belong in these prime picking locations. Warehouse efficiency can also be increased using Wave Picking which combines several orders into a single pick.

These represent just a handful of the innovative tools available to distributors through ERP-ONE+. Contact us to set up a personalized demonstration and consider what you can do with your reclaimed desk space.


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