Press Release: Partnership Delivers Secure Hosted Solutions In The Cloud

September 19, 2017

Distribution One Partnership Delivers Secure, Reliable Hosted Solutions In The Cloud

Mount Laurel, New Jersey — September 19, 2017

For distributors choosing On-Premise deployment, maintaining on-site servers and IT staff represents a significant budgetary impact. As a result, many current distributors are looking for a viable alternative to on-site servers for their investment dollars that provides the same level of security and reliability. Such an option exists in the form of Cloud-enhanced ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.

At the leading edge of Cloud ERP technology, Distribution One proudly announces a strategic partnership with ISCorp to deliver hosted solutions in the Cloud. With the release of Cloud-enhanced ERP-ONE+, Distribution One now offers the easiest, most reliable, and most cost-effective Cloud solution for maximizing business applications in wholesale distribution.

Distribution One and ISCorp offer this powerful SaaS (Software as a Service) deployment option to customers as a turnkey solution featuring everything from installation, compatibility, performance, security, upgrades, data backups, and disaster recovery. For ERP-ONE+ customers, there are no additional on-site hardware or software purchases required.

Larry Ward, President of Distribution One, explains, “We selected ISCorp due to their 20+ years of experience delivering hosted solutions in the Cloud. This partnership allows us to extend the benefits of our SaaS ERP-ONE+ software to budget-conscious customers without sacrificing security, reliability, or accessibility.”

This Cloud-enhanced ERP software solution constantly evolves and adapts to keep distributors on pace with changing business, technology, and security requirements. Because ISCorp administers and maintains all software resources including upgrades and backups, wholesalers and distributors can focus entirely on their core business: the quick and accurate fulfillment of customer orders.

For more information on the investment benefits of Cloud-enhanced ERP-ONE+ software or to request a demonstration, contact us at


About ISCorp

Founded in 1987, ISCorp currently provides world-class private secure hosted services in the Cloud to more than 3 million end users globally. Headquartered outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ISCorp supports over 1200 production Progress databases worldwide. It’s the complete, affordable, secure solution for today’s business leaders who need to get more done with fewer resources.


About Distribution One

Distribution One is an industry-leading developer of innovative customer-focused ERP software designed specifically for the needs of wholesalers and distributors. Formed in 1996 with offices in New Jersey and Texas, Distribution One is comprised of a team of experienced ERP specialists who thrive on providing solutions and US-based support to customers across North America and into Europe. The turnkey ERP-ONE+ business software delivers intuitive functionality that improves company-wide productivity and profitability. Contact us to discover more about wholesale and distribution software at or 856-380-0629.


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Empire Bolt logo

Empire Bolt & Screw

“Out of the gate, our first cost savings occurred in accounting. What was previously a full-time job went down to just 2 hours a day. This change alone saved us $40,000 in year-over-year labor costs.”

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Patlin Inc.

“Distribution One has allowed us to deliver 30% more orders without having to increase our labor force.”

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The Nut Place

“ERP-ONE actually helps our business be more productive. We operate more efficiently because our software performs like a world-class product. And that’s not marketing hype. We trust in its reliability. It is one of the best decisions our company made.”

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Colorado Industrial Packaging

“ERP-ONE tracks product costs and sales margins for us… that benefit alone has added 4% to our bottom line after the first year of implementation and has more than paid for the cost of ERP-ONE.”

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A-Jax Fasteners and Tools

“Enhanced productivity, lower operational costs, higher service levels, and stronger customer relationships—it’s all been attained through our ability to provide continuous real-time data generated through the myriad of programs within ERP-ONE.”

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VLC Distribution

“Having spent 30 years on the operations side of distribution using SAP and AS400 software, I have not encountered a better system than ERP-ONE. The efficiencies and expandability has allowed us to improve our sales by $500,000 per employee in a year.”

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On Time Supply

“We had immediate visibility into which sales representatives were performing and which product lines were providing the best return for our business.”

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Cathy’s Concepts

“The ability to manage orders online has created greater efficiency in their business and has delivered more flexibility in modifying and tracking orders. Changes to an order instantly cascade all the way through the terminals and the processing stations cutting production time by at least 15%.”

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“I’m excited about the future. We processed hundreds of orders in the first week and project our webstore will be handling over 10,000 orders per year.”

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