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“What’s most important to my company?”

When it comes to investing in software for distributors, the key justifications can range anywhere from productivity and cost reductions to expanded functionality and data accessibility. However, one of the biggest considerations involves ERP ROI (Return on Investment). Because budgetary parameters vary for every company, Distribution One provides both On-Premise and Cloud-enhanced ERP deployment options allowing distributors to make the best decision for how they prefer to operate.

On-Premise ERP deployment enables distributors to purchase the system through an upfront capital investment and yields the strictest controls on data as all information is housed within servers located on-site. This option, however, does necessitate ongoing maintenance expenses in the form of either in-house staff or local IT management services who handle security, backups, updates, etc.

Cloud ERP, on the other hand, provides the fastest path to implementation while avoiding the need to fund on-site servers or in-house IT support teams. Storing and accessing company data with an experienced cloud provider delivers high levels of security and reliability. In fact, the cloud provider handles all aspects of maintenance (security, backups, updates) for a reasonable monthly fee.

“How do I increase profitability?”

Not all enterprise resource planning software for distributors is created equal. Some solutions are specific to a few departments while others require additional costs to expand functionality. To avoid unforeseen surprises, distributors should implement comprehensive ERP software.

Within ERP-ONE+ software, data is and readily accessible between departments. Users streamline their responsibilities and eliminate unnecessary paper trails. In fact, from a simple order entry screen or integrated mobile apps, users can easily drill down into related customer, part, and sales data. Moreover, the integrated distributor dashboard delivers a more complete picture of the overall health of the company and provides forecasting to guide management decisions.

Reducing the time and costs inherent in manual processes and locating information has a direct correlation with a company’s overhead. Raising productivity via ERP software applications like wireless warehouse and inventory management lessens the overall costs of doing business. This, in turn, lowers the costs of their products and drives competitive advantage. With costs controlled and productivity streamlined, wholesalers and distributors can foster sustained growth by expanding selling opportunities via ERP-ONE+’s Amazon integration.

“Is there more for me to learn?”

Absolutely! The benefits discussed are but the tip of the ERP software iceberg. Distribution One has helped hundreds of wholesalers and distributors establish sustained productivity improvements and increased profitability through our comprehensive interconnected software.

Curious about specific features or the ERP implementation timeframe? Ask us. We’ll be happy to assist you with your ERP research. We welcome all questions and will provide you with the straightforward answers you need to find the correct distribution software for your company.

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