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Distribution One Customized Deployment Options

Cloud ERP vs. On- Premise ERP

Cloud ERP deployment is on the rise. With a growth forecast of 40% of overall ERP market share by 2020 (Allied Market Research), distributors are making tough choices regarding Cloud versus On-Premise ERP software deployment. Looking past the obvious benefits like accessibility and scalability, the ultimate decision for many distributors selecting comprehensive ERP software comes down to the basic question of ROI (Return on Investment).

One of the biggest differences between Cloud ERP and On-Premise deployment involves upfront investment. Compared to On-Premise deployment, Cloud ERP provides the fastest path to implementation while avoiding the need to fund additional physical on-site servers and in-house IT support teams. A recent report by Nucleus Research found that Cloud ERP customers experience 43% faster ROI with ERP and 50% less spent on personnel.

Why? Because the primary responsibilities of keeping the servers running, software updated, and data secure are handled by the Cloud vendor and not the individual distributor. By implementing Cloud ERP, distributors have the benefit of paying a fixed monthly management subscription instead of the large upfront capital outlay required with On-Premise deployment. These savings allow companies to allocate funds toward other key company initiatives like acquisitional expansion, growing the workforce, or any of the other hundred items on the budgetary wishlist.

Cloud ERP Software Deployment

Improve outcomes and meet your strategic business initiatives without the worry of technical issues. The secure D1 Cloud Service gives you all of the powerful capabilities of ERP-ONE software without the responsibilities of handling software updates, backups, security, disaster recovery, or hardware. It’s the complete, affordable, secure solution for today’s business leaders who need to get more done with fewer resources.

The budget-friendly, fixed cost includes everything you need to run ERP-ONE. With optimized performance including 99.95% uptime, you will enjoy secure data in an enterprise-class environment utilizing the industry’s latest security best practices.

In addition, the D1 Cloud Service provides universal access so you can connect to ERP-ONE from anywhere at any time. Learn more about D1 Cloud Service here.

On-Premise ERP Software Deployment

Customers select On-Premise deployment of ERP-ONE because they prefer the security of keeping their data on-site. Due to the fact that you own the software and it is installed on your server, you can do with it as you please.

Our On-Premise deployment is fully customizable. You may decide to have customizations written or you can integrate it to other software — it’s really up to you. With On-Premise deployment, you have full control over related computing infrastructure and your in-house IT support services.

If you prefer to keep your business data onsite or if your internet isn’t reliable, On-Premise deployment is the solution for you!

SaaS ERP Software Deployment

Software-as-a-Service — or “SaaS” — is a subscription model that allows for a comprehensive software solution that wholesalers and distributors can use to run their business. The subscription model provides easy deployment off-site at a hosting provider or on-site within your office.

The affordable subscription fee reduces the large capital outlay of buying the software outright. SaaS requires minimal IT dependency for application maintenance—IT involvement is limited to customizations.

SaaS deployment is faster to implement than On-Premise. And, as your company grows, your software can easily be scaled to match your expansion.

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