ERP-ONE Distribution Software Features

Comprehensive Features

Order Management

Process orders and fulfillment seamlessly across multiple warehouses and multiple sales channels. Interconnected Order Management programs automate the order process to eliminate manual transcription errors and scale as volume increases.

Sales Order Entry

Effective sales order processing relies upon the instant availability of all relevant information (like customer order status, inventory availability, and individual customer by-item pricing). Deciding how to structure your process flow is entirely up to you. From a combination picking ticket/packing slip to presetting functions individually, our flexible ERP-ONE wholesale and distribution software allows you the ability to tailor to an individual user’s needs. The 64-bit ERP-ONE system also allows you to search your inventory to give your customer instant information and to allocate or commit stock for them.

  • Quotations Order entry 
  • Counter sales 
  • Sales analysis
  • Blanket order 
  • Customer buying history directly in order entry
  • Full line of all relevant customer current and historical information 
  • Returned goods authorization 
  • Credit Memos and Debit Memos 
  • Instant availability of inventory in all locations and warehouses 
  • “Unusual Sale” option allows inventory to reflect “true” demand 
  • Kits – Made on the fly or pre-made on the shelf 
  • Commissions 
  • Detailed order inquiry
  • User defined order class (Warehouse, Direct, etc.) 
  • Pro-forma Invoice 
  • Customer information management 
  • Multiple pricing capabilities including contracts and rebates 
  • Linking sales orders directly to purchase orders 
  • Delivery route management 
  • Flexible backorder handling 
  • Work orders 
  • Item complement suggestions 
  • Item substitution suggestions 
  • Retail pricing stickers 
  • Shipping Labels and Item Shipping Labels Signature Capture 
  • Supports international addresses and currencies

Sales Analysis

In business as in life, a true adage states: if you don’t know where you’ve been, how can you know where you are going? Few things illustrate this point better than your Sales Analysis. With ERP-ONE, up-to-the-minute information is available for you to inquire, report, compare, and track trends for critical business planning.

  • Customer analysis by product line, customer class, item, salesperson, warehouse, and much more
  • Multiple costing capabilities, including rebates
  • Profitability Reports, based on “Working” or “Accounting” costs
  • Vendor rebate tracking and reporting
  • Analysis by
    • Product
    • Product Line
    • Salesperson
    • Customer
    • Customer Class
    • Any combination of the above
  • Ability to run any report for any period
  • Ability to run by Invoice date or Post Date
  • Inquiry and reporting of customers beyond their normal buying cycle on products
  • Sales commission programs, including split commissions
  • Based on accrual or earned sales
  • Reporting of “Who Bought What” using different variables
  • Reporting of “What Did a Customer Buy”
  • Item Pick Frequency Reporting
  • Inventory Time Line Report
  • Customer Item Usage Reporting based on Salesperson, Customer, and Vendor


Item Sales & Contract Pricing

Do you need help with pricing situations? At Distribution One, we understand the client-sensitive nature of pricing. That’s why the ERP-ONE system offers a multi-bracket price book which allows for a variety of pricing classifications in order to handle virtually any pricing situation throughout your distribution business.

  • Standard price book, multiple price brackets
  • Standard contract pricing
  • Volume pricing/Quantity Breaks
  • Pricing by:
  • Customer/Item
    • Customer/Item
    • Customer Class/Item
    • Customer/Item Class
    • Customer Class/Item Class
  • Margin pricing
  • List and retail pricing
  • Discount pricing
  • Future pricing
  • Kit pricing
  • Easy price and/or cost adjusting
  • Vendor Costing with Exchange Rates, Quantity Breaks, groupings, etc.
  • Special sale pricing with effective and expiration dates
  • Customer Contract pricing with effective and expiration dates
  • Customer rebates
  • Customer groups
  • Vendor groups
  • Item groups
  • Pricing schedules


Financial Management

Unify your companywide financial processes. ERP-ONE helps users effectively and accurately manage complex cashflows into and out of the company. Financial Management tools increase productivity and minimize costs by eliminating the need for duplicate entry from a separate accounting system.

General Ledger

ERP-ONE accounting transactions are completely interfaced in our General Ledger system. All necessary manual entries are simple, one-step procedures. Even multiple companies can be accommodated easily. Client defined historical and trend reports will help you to better manage your dollars. Included along with balance sheets and statements of cash flow, income statements can conveniently be compared against budget statements. Year-end processing will occur for your fiscal year, and with ERP-ONE, adjustments made to the prior year are automatically carried into the balance sheet of your new fiscal year.

  • Multiple month processing with all months open at all times, interfaced from all sub-systems
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Financial statements
  • Recurring journal entries with automated reversals
  • Client-defined historical reports for any time period
  • Budget creation
  • Cash expected report and cash flow analysis
  • Full access to all summary and detail journal transactions from all sub-systems from any period
  • Consolidated financial statements
  • Budget versus actual reporting
  • Client-defined chart of accounts
  • Calculation of business ratios
  • Interface into Excel
  • Forced balanced entry
  • Complete and easy-to-use audit inquiry capabilities for all transactions in any period
  • Bank reconciliation

Cash Management & Accounts Payable

The foundation of your business is knowing your customer. From buying patterns to their complete payment trends, you’ll have complete customer information with Distribution One’s Cash Management System.

Searching for a customer is as easy as keying in one character to display all customers matching your entry. Need to know a visual payment trend tracking or payment history? A pop-up window gives you that information instantly.

  • Dynamic customer lookups: name, phone, address, etc.
  • Open item and balance forward statements
  • Customer pop-up window giving customer profile and history
  • Automated credit review both before and after order entry
  • Average days to pay
  • Bill & Hold Processing
  • Hold & Bill Processing
  • Payment trend analysis
  • Collection call follow-ups with email notifications
  • Collection notes
  • Cash receipt projection
  • Easy cash applications
  • User-defined aging columns and aging history recall by customer
  • Customer budgeting
  • Late charge processing
  • User defined dunning letter capability
  • Credit card processing
  • Salesperson commission
  • Rebate for customers

Vendor & Accounts Payable

Taking control of bill payments will cut cost. Even though not many people like paying bills, control of Accounts Payable is critical to the overall task of Asset Management. You’ll build healthy business relationships with your suppliers because ERP-ONE offers a variety of parameters which lets you choose how to best manage bill payments.

  • Fast, easy entry of vendor invoices links into PO receiving
  • Rebate reporting
  • Automated due date calculation
  • Automated discounting calculation
  • Flexible aging columns
  • Flexible check printing
  • Cash requirement reporting within client-defined period
  • Check processing and payment
  • Flexible payment selection options
  • Fixed/recurring expense
  • Multiple accounting periods simultaneously
  • Batch control option
  • Vendor historical information of purchases and disbursements
  • Debit processing
  • Full accounting audit control for any period
  • Cash needed forecasting
  • Automated integration into the General Ledger
  • Recurring payables
  • Void checks audit
  • Hold/Pay options
  • Buying Groups
  • Multiple remit-to addresses
  • International compatibility
  • ACH – NACHA Format
  • 1099 production

Invoicing & Billing

With Distribution One’s ERP-ONE system, data flows smoothly from sales order to billing. The flexibility and efficiency of ERP-ONE will assure you that your billing requirements are customized to meet your needs.

  • All Order Entry features are also available in Invoice & Billing
  • Full accounting audit information for any accounting procedure
  • Automated batch billing, plus individual route billing
  • Bills of lading
  • Automated sales tax processing
  • Flexible “un-bill” option (eliminates the need for excessive credits)
  • “Line” or “Bottom Line” discounting
  • Flexible terms dating and discounting
  • User defined non-merchandise charge categories
  • Pre & post billing options
  • Automated linking of credits and invoice
  • Flexible “Working Cost” and “Cost of Goods Sold” options
  • RMA creation
  • Invoice canceling and duplication
  • Bill credit analysis
  • System allows billing from shipping manifest
  • Credit Card Interface for payments

Warehouse & Inventory

Know exactly what is in your warehouse(s), where it is located, and when it needs to be replenished. With accurate inventory data, ERP-ONE can help you make inventory decisions to avoid stockouts and dead stock, improve order fulfillment, and reduce order cycle times.

Inventory & Warehouse Management

Proper Management of Inventory is the cornerstone of a wholesaler or distributor’s success. At Distribution One, we know the importance of accurate inventory control as it relates to keeping your business running smoothly and your customers happy. ERP-ONE is the management tool you require to keep your inventory working correctly all the time!

  • Easy item setup accommodates both simple and advanced approaches
  • Flexible physical inventory options
  • Inter-warehouse/branch transfers
  • Full audits of all inventory transactions
  • Critical re-order point
  • Handling of multiple definable units of measure
  • Inventory Valuation with multiple costing options
  • Stock status reporting that tracks trends
  • Flexible resale pricing options
  • In-transit inventory (Import Container)
  • Easily managed backorder processing
  • Warehouse productivity
  • Lot tracking
  • Serial number control
  • Flexible order picking and packing options
  • Multi-bin locations
  • FIFO, Average, Last, Average Landed, Last Landed, Standard, Lot costing
  • Hazard classifications
  • Barcode labels
  • Inventory labels
  • UCC 128 labels
  • Automated Future Price Updates
  • Cycle counting
  • Royalties

Inventory Replenishment

You’ve made your inventory investment. Now make it work smarter for you! ERP-ONE incorporates concepts from Gordon Graham, Jon Schreibfeder, and the brightest minds in the industry. In addition to making suggestions for how to handle Inventory Replenishment, ERP-ONE tracks your inventory and can report when you have stock shortages or surpluses in both single and multiple warehouse environments. 

  • Supports EOQ, Classification, Min/Max, and Hits Inventory net usage history, reflecting “true” customer demand
  • Suggested buy options “Seasonal” determination and processing
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Usage exceptions
  • Automated lead time calculations
  • Ability of user “Freezing” of replenishment factors
  • Dead stock reporting
  • GMROI “Turn and Earn” reporting
  • Automated generation of purchase orders from “User Defined” buy information directly in the “Suggested Buy” screen
  • Supports both “Push” and “Pull” methods of branch replenishment
  • On-screen purchasing
  • Protected quantities
  • Consolidated purchasing or Branch purchasing options

Wireless Warehouse+

Distribution One’s powerful wireless Warehouse+ solution integrates directly into our Cloud-enhanced ERP-ONE software driving company-wide efficiency and employee productivity in any size warehouse. Warehouse+ recognizes user-originated operational interruptions and allows fast connection at the point where the user left off. Warehouse+ also supports both Bluetooth scanners utilizing a secure connection as well as manual methodology and can be run wirelessly or even via wired connectivity.

  • Item Count
  • Item Inquiry
  • Open Location
  • Location Inquiry
  • Location Min/Max
  • Primary Location
  • License Plate Assign
  • Move Stock
  • Set Weight
  • Pick Order
  • Wave Picking
  • Work Order Pick
  • Receive Purchase Order
  • Sort Put Away
  • Transfer Receipt
  • UCC Entry

Kitting / Assembly

Kitting / Assembly Management functionality provides a cost-efficient way to assemble-to-order and assemble-to-stock products while reducing inventory and providing superior customer service. With ERP-ONE’s Kitting / Assembly functionality, you can search inventory, provide instant information, and ensure kit components for any user at any time.

ERP-ONE Kitting / Assembly highlights include:

  • Tight integration with other modules/functionality
  • Build-on-demand and Pre-built kit selections
  • Define components (required or optional), description, substitutions, quantities, and options
  • Reporting


Stay engaged with changing customer needs and build stronger relationships through ERP-ONE integrated CRM.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Controlling how and when sales will close and keeping a firm hold on your sales pipeline are keys to business growth. ERP-ONE supports your sales team by making it easier for your salesreps to contact and relate to your customers or prospects. One single screen can provide targeted sales information whereby allowing your staff to drill to the details they require. Don’t just provide the leads to your salesreps, provide them with the tools they need to close those leads with Distribution One’s CRM solution.

Even if you are currently using another CRM package, let us prove how we can make that deployment stronger by integrating activities, scheduling, contacts, prospects or customer and sales information directly from ERP-ONE.

  • Call activity tracking
  • Calendar interface for scheduling and alerts
  • Customized management views for calendar scheduling
  • One touch order or quote entry
  • One touch order or quote duplication
  • Quick view sales and summary information
  • Ability to email and print quotes, acknowledgements, and invoices from CRM
  • Unlimited company contacts
  • Unlimited freeform notes
  • Order source tracking
  • Recall listing for follow-up calling
  • Mail merge of predefined sales letters
  • Marketing letters for prior sales customers
  • Prospect tracking
  • Quotation of Prospects
  • Set up activity codes for tracking purposes


Ensure your needed products are on hand with the help of ERP-ONE’s purchasing and automated replenishment activities.


Intelligent purchasing is more than experienced guessing. It results from processing information in both an intelligent and timely manner. Special customer requests, suggested inventory replenishment, and inventory linking are fundamental aspects of intelligent purchasing. ERP-ONE processes all this and more to provide precise reports and on-screen displays.

  • Automated purchase order (P/O) creation from inventory replenishment option by vendor and item
  • Flexible costing options
  • P/O Inquires on all levels
  • Full P/O audits
  • Automated P/O cost add-on factors
  • P/O history and notes
  • Link into accounts payable (A/P) vouchering
  • Drop shipment
  • Auto email of P/O’s to vendors
  • Barcode receiving
  • Easy receiving functions with full auditing capabilities
  • Track goods in-transit
  • Purchase using Min/Max and historical sales data
  • Distribute freight to cost
  • Late PO report by customer sales order
  • Receiving sheets
  • Expediting report
  • Backorder/Purchase associations
  • Vendor performance
  • Purchase Order, Sales Order linking

Document Management

Eliminate the cost and inconvenience of physical paper copies of your order confirmations, purchase orders, and more.

Document Management

Dealing with everyday documents can overwhelm your company with paper. As you know, paper isn’t cheap. Distribution One provides unique solutions to reduce paper while providing flexibility for customers.

With a mouse click, you can fax an order confirmation to your customer or email a purchase order to a vendor. ERP-ONE will even prompt you to complete a cover page for a fax or a message for an email. Gone are the days of printing a hard copy and walking to the fax machine. Emailing and faxing directly from ERP-ONE is yet another way Distribution One demonstrates our commitment to making your company more profitable.

  • The ability to save any document as a PDF
  • Email and faxing of any document directly from the ERP-ONE software
  • Logging of all fax and email transactions
  • Advanced confirmations of fax and email status
  • Built in label designer with the ability to pull database fields and barcodes onto the label
  • Report security to prevent loss of critical data
  • Document Batching
  • Scheduled send times for off-hours faxing or email

Analytics & Reporting

Make smarter decisions based on actual business data. To eliminate guesswork, ERP-ONE provides integrated role-based dashboards and reporting functionality enabling quick review and analysis.

Dashboard+ Data Analytics

Based upon your own accurate business data, ERP-ONE generates real-time Dashboard+ data analytics to provide crucial insights into current business health. Integrated into ERP-ONE, Dashboard+ provides the ability to identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are most significant to individual users.

Used for comparing fixed values, period trends, and more, KPIs can be set to either specific users or applied system-wide when no user ID is defined. Visual status alerts signify areas requiring immediate attention and utilize system-defined alerts that encompass all system practices.

Dashboard+ provides your team critical insight into all aspects of business performance. This important ERP-ONE application provides multiple role-based dashboard options including Management, Customer, Vendor, and Salesperson views. Through these precise visualizations and real-time alerts, Dashboard+ helps you make informed decisions faster.

Interactive Management Reporting

Owners and managers of today’s businesses need a quick summary of where their business is today… as compared to yesterday or last month. ERP-ONE offers concise exception reporting that puts vital management information at your fingertips. Journalized information allows you to explore the exact invoice or payment that made up the original record. ERP-ONE provides this information easily.

With a simple click of a mouse, you can export your reports to Excel or Word instantly. With ERP-ONE’s interactive reporting feature, you can even modify the report by adding, removing, and sorting columns on the fly.

Importing information such as price lists and new product lines from your vendors is just as simple. With an intuitive import wizard, you’ll eliminate what used to take hours of data entry. Imagine what you’ll do with the extra time savings!

  • Booked orders
  • Invoiced sales
  • Open orders
  • Order and line fill ratio
  • Real-time updates of sales and profits
  • Lost order reports
  • Billing summary and detail audits
  • Service levels
  • Company-wide aging display
  • Cash received/disbursed
  • Profit exception reporting
  • Purchases
  • Inventory valuation and cost management
  • Purchase orders received and issued


Streamline workflows, reduce manual data entry and errors, and improve trading partner relationships by automating data interchange between business partners.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Between manufacturers and customers, the world of digital commerce speaks many different languages. When handling Purchase Orders or Invoices, there are countless formats and no real standardization. Sharing data between two different systems normally requires an error-prone manual process of keying and re-keying data.

However, with a trusted EDI system in place, two separate computer systems can “talk” to one another and digitally exchange data in a manner that greatly reduces errors, administration time, and other hard costs like chargebacks or fees from shipping errors.

Provided through strategic partnerships, our EDI services deliver ease-of-use and total scalability as well as:

  • Turnaround feature lets you act quickly to inbound trading partner documents by giving you the ability to send an outbound corresponding document at the click of a button.
  • Trading partner options notify you when your customers have made updates to their item numbers or shipping addresses, and they perform necessary updates within Transaction Manager.
  • Advance ship notice (ASN) support lets you create multiple shipments at once, package shipments automatically for your customers based on predefined rules, and even update existing sales orders.
  • User roles enable the use and set-up of separate user accounts which limit specific actions such as the ability to export, import, or generate labels. Additionally, alerts notify users of new and acknowledged transactions automatically via email.

Our EDI services are provided through partnerships. Please contact us for our complete list of EDI partners.

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