Supplemental ERP-ONE Software Options

Software Options

Distributor E-Commerce

Expand distribution sales opportunities through a user-friendly, mobile responsive online storefront that integrates directly into ERP-ONE.

ecommONE Integrated E-Commerce

A complete E-Commerce platform, ecommONE integrates directly with ERP-ONE distribution software to place orders, check inventory availability and pricing, view open and back order items, and more. Both you and your customers will enjoy the benefits of increased efficiency, secure credit card transactions using an encrypted connection, real-time inventory updates, online account information access, and much more.

To serve the needs of distributors of every size, ERP-ONE integrated ecommONE provides a range of functionality options:

  • Intuitive menus and product search auto-complete
  • Mobile Responsive layout
  • Live List and Contract Pricing views
  • Live availability and Live history
  • Complementary Items and Swatches
  • Salesperson Login
  • Self-service Customer and Vendor portals

Additional functionality like credit card payments and shipping rate estimates are also available. Lastly, ecommONE also includes hosting and support as part of the monthly service plan.

The ecommONE interface is an excellent tool for distributors needing to establish and/or expand their online sales presence. For more info about ecommONE portal options, contact us at


Credit Card Processing

Eliminate double data entry, decrease reconciliation times, and reduce transaction fees with ERP-ONE’s secure Credit Card Processing.

Credit Card Processing

ERP-ONE supports a range of payment processing, so you can accept new payment types as your business expands. It helps you handle all of your in-store, email, and telephone transactions in one easy-to-use program.

ERP-ONE Credit Card Processing supports various security features and provides reporting to match the exact dates of your merchant statement to greatly decrease reconciliation time. This software helps you reduce data entry errors and problems during reconciliation which can lead to issues when dealing with multiple payment transaction types and processors.

For the list of security features and information on the additional types of credit card transaction data collected, contact us at

Supported Processing Gateways:

  • PayTrace

PayTrace Processors:

  • Service First
  • TSYS


SFP-AP Platform for Accounts Payable Automation

Optimize payments for efficiency, allow real-time reconciliation, and more with the SFP-AP Platform.

SFP-AP Platform

SFP-AP automation from Service First Processing, a select Distribution One partner, enables businesses of all sizes to provide a higher level of customer service by creating efficiencies of all your vendor payments.

SFP-AP highlights include:

  • Improved Approval Process: All invoices are routed electronically for approval based on your rules and workflows. The fully customizable system adapts to your needs.
  • Payment Runs and Paper Checks: Money is sent for you. No more printing, signing, stuffing and mailing checks, or time-consuming payment runs for ACH.
  • Efficiency and Cost Reduction: Get more done with less. Grow your business without adding people just to keep up with the bills. Cut the costs of staff time, supplies, postage, and bank fees of typical AP.
  • Visibility and Insight: 24/7 access to all AP data for full control over your business. Make decisions based on real-time financial data.
  • Security: Increase security with cutting-edge technology that minimizes fraudulent transactions and detects suspicious activity to help authenticate payments.
  • Control Supplier Relationships: You maintain the relationship, terms, and discounts you’ve negotiated with your suppliers.

To learn more about the supplemental SFP-AP service, contact us at 856.380.0629 or

Amazon for Distributors

Maximize your selling power by listing your products through Amazon Seller Central connectivity.

Amazon Integration

For distributors who sell or plan to sell on Amazon, having a software system in place to process orders quickly is crucial. An integrated wholesale and distribution software solution eliminates the need for manual data entry between systems and allows distributors to sync important data including: orders, inventory, shipping updates, and more.

Through this supplemental Amazon Seller Central connectivity, ERP-ONE customers can successfully expand the scope of their product visibility and online selling within a streamlined order process.

This integration streamlines the ordering procedure through auto-updates and rapid processing. Orders and inventory data flow seamlessly between ERP-ONE and Amazon providing both faster turnaround and enhanced order accuracy. The connection to ERP-ONE supplies Amazon with real-time inventory levels to reconcile changes to stock due to local storefront sales. For customers, this functionality safeguards against out of stock order cancellations.

To expand your sales into Amazon’s Seller Central, contact us at

Mobile Applications

Expand the scope of business activities and remote engagement with the ERP-ONE suite of mobile applications.

Distone Mobile Order Entry

Distribution One’s Mobile Order Entry App allows users to place orders, check inventory levels, and access valuable customer information while they are outside the office.

The Order Entry App syncs with the ERP-ONE software and allows users to upload/sync the orders collected via the app. The data sync is done manually which allows the users to take orders even when they don’t have internet connectivity.

Please visit the iTunes store to download the demo for the Distribution One Order Entry App and contact Distribution One to complete the setup.

Distone Mobile CRM

Distribution One’s Mobile CRM (Customer Relationship Management) App delivers on-demand customer sales data on any Apple and Android mobile device. Working seamlessly with ERP-ONE software, Mobile CRM ensures every sales meeting can be conducted using accurate, up-to-date data.

From the home screen, Mobile CRM provides each salesperson a full Activity Feed featuring calls, on-site meeting schedules, and other actionable tasks. The App includes convenient search functionality and access to both customer contacts and prospects. Additionally, the App features an interactive map of customer locations allowing the salesperson to accurately plan his/her travel itinerary. Mobile CRM enables sales team members to access up to three years of key sales data which can be stored locally in instances of no internet connectivity.


  • Activity Feed
  • Interactive Map
  • Integrated Calendar
  • Customer and Prospect Contacts
  • Quick Form Data on Item Trends and Accounts Aging
  • Graphical Sales Charts with Customized Views

Distone Signature Pad

All the high-quality capture features of a dedicated signature pad with the flexibility to use Android powered tablets and native connectivity to your ERP-ONE system.

Distribution One’s Signature Pad app offers advanced electronic signature capture capabilities allowing your customers to provide signed confirmation with each accepted order. Use the app as you would any standard signature pad connected to each POS station or setup a communal signing terminal that can serve multiple POS stations. The signature pad app connects directly with your ERP-ONE system and is ready to capture signatures for your prepared orders with just a tap.


  • Accept signature confirmation for new and existing orders
  • Provides high-quality signature pad capabilities
  • Single or multi station setup with communal terminal options
  • Native connectivity support for your ERP-ONE system
  • Communal setup offers barcode scanning for quick order lookup
  • Customize with your own logo graphics

Distone Mobile Delivery

Deliveries happen on the go which is exactly where you’ll need to capture the related information. Distribution One’s Mobile Delivery App helps you organize your business’ deliveries. Use the app to load your outgoing shipments for the day. When dropping off packages, quickly scan their manifest barcode and complete the delivery with signature confirmation.

Synchronize with ERP-ONE to pull in new shipments and submit delivery confirmations. Mobile Delivery uses cloud services, which only requires internet access to get connected to your system.


  • Quickly load shipments via barcode scanner
  • Accept delivery confirmation signatures from recipient
  • Connect on the go to synchronize with ERP-ONE
  • Shipment details are available anytime within the app

Distone VMI Scanner

Distribution One’s VMI Scanner App makes it easy to manage your warehouse inventory. Use the app to take orders and submit them while on the go. A portable barcode scanner allows for quick entry of inventory items. While using VMI tags, your order details (quantity, location, etc.) can be quickly entered with just the scan of a barcode.

Synchronization with your ERP-ONE software suite means you can work offline and still have access to customer and ordering details. When an internet connection becomes available, simply connect to ERP-ONE and upload new orders.


  • Take orders to replenish inventory
  • Scan tag barcodes to quickly order inventory items
  • VMI tags allow for preset ordering details
  • Connect on the go to submit new orders to ERP-ONE

API Services

Access and update data for more fluid information delivery.

API (Application Program Interface)

The Distribution One API service allows applications to connect with ERP-ONE web services running on a customer’s production system. Our API was custom created for ERP-ONE and has been recognized as being one of the best API options by a 3rd party partnership company.

API Capabilities:

  • Server Authorization
  • DQ Services
    • Data Read or Write
    • Data Create or Update
  • Item Services
    • Check Restriction
    • Batch Restriction
    • Quantity Availability
  • Item Pricing
    • Fetch a Price
    • Batch Price
    • UOM
    • Quantity Break
  • Image Services
    • Fetch Image or Thumbnail
    • Assign Image
  • Change Tracker
  • Secure Rest Service
  • Form Printing
    • Fetch Document – Pick
    • Fetch Document – Pack
    • Fetch Document – Invoice
    • Fetch Document – Order

EDI Services

Streamline workflows, reduce manual data entry and errors, and improve trading partner relationships by automating data interchange between business partners.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Between manufacturers and customers, the world of digital commerce speaks many different languages. When handling Purchase Orders or Invoices, there’s countless formats and no real standardization. Sharing data between two different systems normally requires an error-prone manual process of keying and re-keying data.

However, with a trusted EDI system in place, two separate computer systems to “talk” to one another and digitally exchange data in a manner that greatly reduces errors, administration time, and other hard costs like chargebacks or fees from shipping errors.

Provided through strategic partnerships, our EDI services deliver ease-of-use and total scalability as well as:

  • Turnaround feature lets you act quickly to inbound trading partner documents by giving you the ability to send an outbound corresponding document at the click of a button.
  • Trading partner options notify you when your customers have made updates to their item numbers or shipping addresses, and they perform necessary updates within Transaction Manager.
  • Advance ship notice (ASN) support lets you create multiple shipments at once, package shipments automatically for your customers based on predefined rules, and even update existing sales orders.
  • User roles enable the use and set-up of separate user accounts which limit specific actions such as the ability to export, import, or generate labels. Additionally, alerts notify users of new and acknowledged transactions automatically via email.

Our EDI services are provided through partnerships. Please contact us for our complete list of EDI partners.

TrueCommerce EDI Integration

With the ERP-ONE TrueCommerce EDI integration, customers receive the most complete EDI trading partner platform with flexible, integrated, and fully managed service solutions. ERP-ONE can integrate the TrueCommerce process into order entry, shipping, billing, and accounts receivable. And to allow you to process and ship more orders in less time, the ERP-ONE integration gives instant acknowledgement and verification for orders and purchase orders. Working closely with Distribution One, TrueCommerce ensures that mutual customers have a smooth, positive experience.

Contact us for a list of EDI-Compatible Transaction Sets.

SPS Commerce Integration

The ERP-ONE SPS Commerce integration takes the complexity, cost, and risk out of managing trade partner relationships. SPS Commerce EDI services automate data exchange to increase order accuracy while reducing order processing and shipping turnaround times. Moreover, the ERP-ONE SPS Commerce services enable retail partners to spend less time managing systems, so they can spend more time serving their customers.

Contact us for a list of EDI-Compatible Transaction Sets.

Web Services

Support interoperable machine-to-machine interactions across a network.

Web Services

ERP-ONE web services running on a client’s production system allows users to access valuable information on demand.

Available Services:

  • Server Authorization
  • Data Read
  • Data Write
  • Data Create
  • Data Update
  • Item Pricing
  • Image Services
  • Form Printing
  • Item Services

Shipping Integrations

Integrate with a range of shipping providers to simplify shipping management.

FedEx Ship Manager

All of Distribution One’s applications have the option to integrate with FedEx® Ship Manager Software, allowing you to manage all your shipping needs from within the ERP-ONE software suite. Adding FedEx® Ship Manager Software to all of ERP-ONE’s core features reduces the problem of managing and manually exchanging data among separate orders, logistics tracking, shipping, and customer service systems.

Benefits of Adding FedEx® Ship Manager

  • Supports most FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground®, FedEx Home Delivery®, and FedEx Express Freight® transactions
  • Delivers tracking, rating, and precise reporting
  • Includes accessible, easy-to-update address book
  • Generates shipping labels quickly and easily
  • Saves time by storing shipment preferences for recipients
  • Teaches with easy to find, intuitive help menus built-in
  • Cuts paper costs by saving reports electronically
  • Offers a variety of integration and networking options
  • Presents several options for delivery signature requirements
  • Provides effective features and help screens for international shipping and customs forms

UPS® WorldShip Integration

Save time and money by Integrating UPS® WorldShip and Distribution One’s ERP-ONE Software. Process shipments easily, get real-time tracking information, add freight charges to orders automatically, respond to your customers faster, and reduce costly errors by integrating WorldShip today.

The Keyed Import file allows WorldShip to recognize a customer’s order simply by entering or scanning the order number.

UPS OnLine® Tools

All of Distribution One’s applications have the option to integrate with UPS OnLine® Tools, allowing you to manage all your shipping needs from within the ERP-ONE business software. Adding UPS OnLine® Tools to all of ERP-ONE’s core features reduces the problem of managing and manually exchanging data among separate order management, logistics tracking, shipping and customer service systems.

Benefits of Adding UPS OnLine® Tools

  • Improves customer service: Correct order errors at the point of entry, offer flexible shipping options, and customize your tracking numbers
  • Adds website functionality: Web-enable your entire shipping procedure and allow your online customers to shop, determine transportation, and track from one location
  • Increases time on your site: Bring customers back by enabling them to manage their entire order from your site
  • Reduces costs: Make your shipping more efficient by reducing returns, decreasing customer support phone calls, and reducing address errors at order entry
  • Simplifies your process: Help improve regulatory compliance and transform international trade from a daunting challenge into a competitive advantage

Pitney Bowes Integration

Expand your shipping process management choices with ERP-ONE software connectivity for Pitney Bowes. ERP-ONE integrates the shipping process with Pitney Bowes, so you can send packages and freight across multiple carriers.

ShipStation Integration

With ShipStation connectivity into ERP-ONE, you can import, manage, and ship orders with the leading shipping software of online sellers. ERP-ONE integrates the shipping process with ShipStation to enable a fast and simple web-based shipping experience.

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