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Customer Success Story: VLC Distribution

“Having spent 30 years on the operations side of distribution using SAP and AS400 software within global giants such as Seiko Instruments® and Nike®, I have not encountered a better system than ERP-ONE. The efficiencies and expandability has allowed us to improve our sales by $500,000 per employee in a year.”
— Chief Operating Officer, VLC Distribution


VLC Distribution provides distribution solutions through brand/retailer partnerships for both brick & mortar fulfillment and direct-to-consumer shipments. Because their processes require data accuracy and security, VLC Distribution relies on Distribution One’s software to run their business operations.


Inventory Control

VLC Distribution controls an inventory of over 6,000 SKUs in a 70,000 square foot warehouse. Their investment in inventory takes the financial risks away from their clients and allows them to manage their open buy dollars more effectively. VLC implemented a wave pick program to successfully convert their warehouse to paperless picking.


Adaptable Services

VLC Distribution generates packing slips with an individual retailer’s logo. Why is that important? White-labeling eliminates customer confusion relating to products shipped from a 3rd party facility. White-labeling also allows VLC to successfully supply products from multiple vendors. Easy API (Application Program Interface) integration between their shipping software and ERP-ONE allows VLC to schedule and route shipments to ensure the lowest freight costs.


Order Management

VLC’s vast EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) capabilities position them as a leader within their industry. With ERP-ONE, VLC is able to monitor individual sales in real-time.  Their sales data can guide clients toward the better performing brands and styles for higher probability of success. Taking advantage of every possible ordering channel, VLC successfully manages thousands of orders daily via EDI, XML, HTTP, FTP, Email, and Live Chat as well as through Fax, Phone, and Mail.

Distribution One is proud of the success that VLC Distribution has achieved through ERP-ONE. Read the complete VLC Distribution Case Study and contact us to request additional customer references at


“Utilizing ERP-ONE has enabled us to hold an unparalleled position in the E-commerce industry. We rely solely on ERP-ONE for accuracy, stability, and vast EDI capability.”
—Dir. of EDI/Customer Service, VLC Distribution


Every single customer has unlocked transformational improvements using Distribution One’s ERP-ONE software solution. Now it’s your turn!


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