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Warehouse Transformation through Barcode Technology

Providing accuracy, control, and cost savings, barcode technology is a necessity for modern warehousing. Yet, despite its obvious benefits, a report from Wasp Barcode discovered that nearly half (43%) of small businesses don’t track inventory or just use a manual method1. This surprisingly large statistic speaks to a deeper need to examine and understand the benefits of barcoding.

One of the most valuable aspects of barcoding involves the elimination of human-originated errors. When inventory data is manually entered into spreadsheets or scrawled on notepads, it can be unintentionally influenced through number transposition or subjective handwriting interpretation. In either case, incorrect data ends up permeating the entire distribution system.

However, through simple point and click scanning, barcodes furnish reliable and quick data capture without interference from manual errors. Further, data obtained through barcode scanning becomes instantly available across an integrated ERP solution. Through the increased speed and accuracy of data collected, barcodes promote better decision-making saving companies both time and money


Barcodes streamline the entire inventory process by delivering better data. In addition to product and pricing information, barcodes can be utilized for inventory stocking and picking verification. Used in conjunction with wireless warehouse tools like Warehouse+, barcode scanning ensures that the correct products are being picked and stocked. Further, barcodes provide an easy was to enable lot control for returns, warranties, and expirations.


Barcoding empowers warehouse employees to work smarter and more efficiently by eliminating the wasted manual hours spent searching for mis-stocked products. Successful implementation of barcoding can result in lower levels of warehouse staffing. Distributors can also do away with the costs incurred from shipping the wrong products and the resulting manual costs of processing the return and reprocessing the correct order.

Barcoding provides an indispensable tool for most inventories. By combining wireless tools like Warehouse+ with interconnected ERP-ONE+ software, distributors and wholesalers will maximize their warehouse team’s productivity and while slashing costly errors and manual processes. To learn how barcoding will enrich your inventory, contact us today.


1) Wasp Barcode: 2017 State of Small Business Report, 2017


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