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What’s New? Keeping Software Fresh Means Constantly Improving

In preparing some updated info for an industry guide, we asked ourselves – what new developments do we want to feature? That gave us the opportunity to look back through the last twelve months, and get reminded of the many initiatives we’ve been working on. Here’s a round-up:

Improved Mobile Functionality

Though we introduced our first mobile product a few years back, we’ve forged ahead this year, bringing phone and tablet accessibility. More and more distribution operations are thriving not tethered to a workstation, but in motion – walking through a warehouse, visiting customers and suppliers, and everywhere in between. We’ve invested in bringing the functionality of our CRM, Signature Capture and Remote Order Entry modules to iPads and other tablets.

Fifty-Five Software Updates

Yep, we counted ‘em. We pushed fifty-five updates out to every customer over the course of the year. Unlike a lot of other systems, we don’t wait months or years until we hand off the latest batch of improvements. Once it’s rigorously tested and ready for showtime, we get it in your hands. Some are minute tweaks, while other are significant modifications – all in the sake of making your info flow more smoothly.

New Team Members

We’re growing! The past year has seen our ranks grow nicely, with additions in our Support and Implementation departments, and some new blood on our marketing team. The same consistent growth that brought us the distinction of a 2013 Inc. 5000 placement (number 3336, to be precise), is continuing!

Focus on the Future

A forward-thinking ERP provider never rests on its laurels! As students of the wholesale-distribution industry, we try to keep our finger on the pulse of market trends, and translate that into new functions in our application. So when Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) became a critical part of improving the relationship between our distributors and their customers, we reacted by building a suite of new solutions to accomplish exactly that.

Our VMI offering is one example of listening to our customers and reacting accordingly. What new features do you think will be valuable in the latter half of 2014? If it’s on your roadmap, it should be on ours as well.


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