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Wireless Warehouse: Increasing Productivity to Lower Costs


How much of your product pricing is a result of warehouse costs? From storage to labor, these cost impactors eat away at profitability. The good news is that many of these costs can be reduced using wireless warehouse technology:

Wireless warehouse tools streamline processes and increase user productivity when picking, receiving, cycle counting, etc. Providing precise control through the use of barcode-scanning technology, wireless warehouse also greatly decreases data entry errors across receiving, picking, and shipping.

Though these represent just a few examples of potential productivity gains and resulting cost savings, the strength of wireless warehouse increases when paired with an ERP system. Utilizing the scanned data, an ERP distribution solution is capable of providing real-time access to on-hand inventory levels and developing forecasting based on historical trends.

Distribution One’s powerful wireless Warehouse+ solution integrates directly into our Cloud-enhanced ERP-ONE+ software driving company-wide efficiency and employee productivity. Designed for any size warehouse, the Warehouse+ features include Item Count, Item Inquiry, Open Location, Location Inquiry, Location Min/Max, Primary Location, License Plate Assign, Move Stock, Set Weight, Pick Order, Wave Picking, and Receive Purchase Order.

warehouse+ wireless warehouse distribution one

Complementing this functionality, Warehouse+ recognizes user-originated operational interruptions and allows fast connection at the point where the user left off. Warehouse+ also supports both Bluetooth scanners utilizing a secure connection as well as manual methodology and can be run wirelessly or even via wired connectivity.

Delivering needed distribution functionality, Warehouse+ and ERP-ONE+ work to help reclaim profitability and efficiency in your warehouse and beyond. Contact us today.


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