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Your ERP System – How Old is Too Old?

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How do you know when it’s time to replace your legacy ERP system? While there’s no specific formula for determining the perfect moment, you can start by asking yourself these questions:

If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, it’s probably a good indication that you should begin researching a new ERP system.

When using legacy systems, it’s common for business managers to quietly maintain a mental wish list of functionality and features that they know would provide immediate benefits to their operations and their bottom line. Convenience of data access, program interconnectivity, reporting and analytics, mobile connectivity… the list of improvements is seemingly endless.

ERP systems are designed to stimulate continual transformational improvements within a company. Efficiencies in data management and the automation of core operational procedures are the drivers of company-wide productivity and profitability. A business can only be successful, however, if it implements the correct tools to keep it functioning smoothly.

So why is there a hesitation to update systems? More often than not, the reluctance to initiate beneficial change is due to the prevailing beliefs that the process of replacing a legacy ERP system takes too long, costs too much, and is fraught with data issues and operational downtime. As a result of these inaccurate perceptions, companies become increasingly forgiving of their legacy system’s shortcomings at the expense of their ongoing success.

It’s time to stop accepting limitations as part of your process. By upgrading your ERP software, you will finally unleash your organization’s full potential. In fact, most companies are surprised to discover how different modern ERP systems are when compared to those from just five years ago. From functionality and installation to training and customer service, the advancements truly speak for themselves.

Each of the following benefits apply directly to the all-inclusive ERP-ONE software solution from Distribution One. As you investigate other ERP options, use this list as a starting point when comparing the characteristics of other systems.


Functionality Deployment & Conversion Implementation
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A true turnkey software application, ERP-ONE includes all the functionality wholesalers and distributors require to purchase, receive, stock, sell, ship inventory, and quickly access relevant data. With over 2000 interconnected applications contained within the system, ERP-ONE provides companies the choice of using as many programs as they need to perfect their operation. With ERP-ONE, you have the options of On-Premise deployment as well as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription model that delivers easy deployment off-site at a hosting provider, via the Cloud, or on-site within your office. Ensuring that your legacy system data imports to ERP-ONE is a critical process. We have converted 100% of our customer data including Items, Customers, Vendors, Open AR, and History. Requirements are discussed from the outset during in-depth discovery roundtable planning sessions with your assigned Project Manager to ensure that every department is on the same page. Distribution One has successfully converted many platforms to our comprehensive ERP-ONE solution, and we take pride in our 98% customer retention rate.


Training Customer Service Scalability & Growth
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ERP-ONE software training is offered at the individual or group level. Whether it’s on-site or via webinar, our process-based training is applied directly to your business model. Our expertise makes the transition from your current system painless and gets your team running faster. Our network of live US-based customer service can quickly and conveniently analyze and address questions from across the nation and around the world. And because we understand that issues can pop-up at any time of the day, we provide an after-hours emergency hotline. Additionally, Distribution One also supplies peer support user communities and an online knowledge base via our customer portal. Customer partnerships provide open and continual sharing of vital information which gives rise to ideas for new innovative features and valuable enhancements. Because beneficial updates are pushed continually to every customer, ERP-ONE is built to grow with you. Supplemental components include EDI, API, and Credit Card Processing that easily integrates with PCI DSS systems to maintain your PCI compliance.


Having a legacy system in place, you already understand the advantages of ERP software. Now, as competition continues to build both at home and abroad, it’s time to ensure that your business operates at peak performance. Contact Distribution One at 856.380.0629 or to learn how ERP-ONE’s state-of-the-art innovations will further streamline your productivity, increase your profitability, and drive your competitive advantage for years to come.


Every single customer has unlocked transformational improvements using Distribution One’s ERP-ONE software solution. Now it’s your turn!


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